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As we partnered up with Wana Website | Hosting, you can use this form to oriëntate on which offered shared hosting plans may best suit your needs. Top solutions for your personal busy websites, significant business sites and webshops. Enjoy unrestricted domains and databases, MySQL and PgSQL. Get the Memcached, Varnish and Node.js web accelerators, SSH accessibility, a ‘cost free’ dedicated IP address and more ….. oh so much more.

We can guarantee you the best customer service we have ever had. We have built our very own Cloud Website Hosting System where performance stability is the main concern. By result of the fact that the service load is evenly spread among a number of Hosting Servers, your sites will keep loading unbelievably quick even if the Hosting Server is excessively loaded. This also suggests that the web hosting environment is much less vulnerable to hack or DoS attacks.