Why You Should Hire an Amazon SEO Consultant

Most Amazon visitors don’t move past the first page of search results when browsing for a product. The competition is extremely tough, especially when it comes to the most popular products, and this makes SEO the decisive factor.

But how does the Amazon search algorithm, also known as the A9 algorithm, work? Is Amazon SEO the same as conventional SEO? How do you know which keywords to use and how do you write a winning product description? The list of questions in this area is a mindfield for sellers who know nothing of Amazon Search Engine Optimisation.

But why waste tons of time and energy and potentially miss out on a range of benefits when you can hire an expert Amazon SEO Consultant instead? Let’s take a look at the most persuasive reasons to hire an Amazon SEO Consultant.

Benefits of an Expert Amazon SEO Consultant

eCommerce is one of the best options for budding entrepreneurs looking to launch their own business with limited startup funds. Sellers across the globe are offering a large range of products and buyers have an incredible number of products to choose from. Competition is extremely tough on popular eCommerce platforms, and especially so when it comes to Amazon.

You invest in the inventory, set the virtual store, and anticipate sales but most sellers face disappointment because anticipation alone does not generate sales. Potential buyers won’t know your products exist if you don’t rank well on Amazon.  This is where Amazon SEO comes in, and it’s time to hire an expert consultant in this area.

1. Save Time and Effort

It takes years to learn all the ins and outs of Amazon SEO, algorithms, keyword search, and Amazon SEO tools. Hiring Amazon SEO specialists will let you focus on other essential functions like product development and inventory management. With a relaxed state of mind, sales being generated, and Amazon SEO taken care of, you can grow your business far more quickly. Moreover, you will have more free time to spend with your family and friends.

2. Materialise the Amazon Dream’

During the 1920s, The American Dream prevailed and exactly 100 years later, it is the Amazon Dream on everyone’s mind. Visualising a dream is just the first step, living the dream is rare, yet not impossible with a reliable Amazon SEO consultant to translate your dream into reality. The key to achieveing this dream is ranking your products for the first page of Amazon search results: this is the number one thing you can do to achieve success with your Amazon store.

3. The Only Realistic Get Rich QuickStrategy

There are no quick roads to success when it comes to Amazon. Achieving an Amazon Best Seller Badge will put you in an ideal position, but this doesn’t happen overnight. Earning this distinction is a challenge for even the most experienced sellers if they’re not employing Amazon SEO strategies. With an Amazon SEO consultant helping you to boost your SEO, your Best Seller Badge is that much closer.

4. Amazon SEO is Still Evolving

Things change quickly, trends change, and so do ranking algorithms. Even if you try to learn a little about Amazon SEO, it is almost impossible to keep up with all the changes and updates. However, a professional SEO consultant is on top of all the new trends, changes to SEO algorithms, and updated requirements for product ranking on Amazon. You never want your products to fall in their rankings, and the longer they stay down, the harder it will become to rank again in the absence of an Amazon SEO expert.

5. Amazon SEO is Different than the Conventional SEO

You may be an expert in regular SEO, but this is not the same as Amazon SEO. Not all SEO experts can optimise listings on Amazon so be very careful when hiring a consultant as you need someone who is an expert on Amazon specifically. Furthermore, Black Hat SEO topics don’t work when it comes to the Amazon algorithm.

Black HAT SEO is the practice of getting people to publish fake reviews without having purchased the product. Amazon quickly filters reviews, verifies if the reviewer actually bought the product, and then strictly discourages this practice and may even suspend accounts. Never try to fake because once caught, your Amazon seller account and your credentials may be permanently blocked by Amazon.

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring an Amazon SEO Consultant, it’s time to change your perspective. A successful SEO campaign will surely boost sales and will likely eventuate in a return on your investment many times over. Many consultants work on commission, which means you only pay according to how successful they are in generating sales for your store, so it is a win-win for everyone! If you want your Amazon store to be successful it’s time to get serious about Amazon SEO, and this means hiring a consultant.

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