What is Digital Marketing? 5 Tips to Get You Started

Are you making the most of digital marketing?

In a world of ever involving technology, people are working, playing, and shopping in a digital world; it’s a part of daily life.

So your marketing needs to be digital to reach them. But if the online world isn’t your forte, you might be asking “what is is digital marketing?” And “where do I even start?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these 5 tips to get you started on your digital marketing journey.

1. Know Who Your Audience Are

Before we start, read this article for more information on what digital marketing is. Now let’s look at the first step, getting to know your audience.

Who is buying your product/service? What age, gender, location are they from, etc. What are their consumer needs, wants, and ethics?

You want to create your customer personas. This is a personified detail of your perfect customer and who they are. It’ll make your marketing efforts have a stronger impact, and resonate more. Meaning more chance of success.

2. Make Everything Trackable

Get Google Analytics on your website and play around with it. Make sure you know how to get information from it like user traffic, where users came from, and if they converted.

Set aside time to go through your data on a regular basis. Look for set periods of time how many visitors you get. How many followed through with an action. How many converted.

This data is vital to measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns. It’s how you work out what strategies are working, and which ones you need to revise or ditch. It’s also how you track your business goal progression.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you know who your customers are and what brings them to your website, make use of that information. Prioritize it in your content and tailor your offers and marketing to it.

Include your business relevant keywords/phrases in content like blog posts. And reach out to relevant organizations to collaborate with guest posts.

Search engine optimization goes a long way towards boosting your online search ranking. The result of this is you should see even more traffic coming to your website.

4. Go Social

Social media is a platform that keeps on growing, and if you’re not already, you need to grow with it. Social media is great for:

  • diversifying and boosting your online content
  • increasing brand awareness
  • creating a loyal customer community
  • tracking what people think and say about you

But you want to refer to your customer persona. Focus your efforts on the channels they use the most. You’ll stand a better chance of success and won’t stretch your resources too thin.

5. Use Precision in Email Marketing

Email marketing remains king when it comes to reaching customers. Give people a way to hand over their email, but give them something in return.

The best way is so they can receive offers, or sign up for a newsletter. When people sign up, use it to communicate things like:

  • deals and offers
  • important account/service changes
  • monthly updates
  • useful, helpful web content

Keep things short and precise, don’t overwhelm them with text. Make your subject line bold and punchy, to draw them into opening it. Use your emails to encourage users to click a link to your site or where you want to take them.

What is Digital Marketing Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know the answer to “what is digital marketing” and how you can start, you’ll be well on your way to success. Digital marketing is all about customer engagement. People want to know that you value them, your care about what they say, and you treat them like people.

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