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You should know Google takes no prisoners. Either you should rank on page 1 and get the majority of the traffic or you get nothing. It is as simple as that. Stuck on page 2 on page 3 shows your business is at best sharing about 6% of the total traffic with everyone on page 2 or 3.

So if it is you, then your business is trying to survive on bread crumbs whereas your competition is partying itself on all the great traffic coming to the website, thanks to the page one rank. Web Works is considered the best SEO company in Ireland. The Web Works IrelandSEO services focus on Google SERP rankings. Their business is increasing every month, thanks to the new leads and sales it is giving.

You know that your business is not getting the traffic that is why you have to search for or a good SEO. So if you have enough breadcrumbs and you want to feast at the top table for keywords that drive your business forward then you can search for web works, which is the best SEO company in Ireland.

ROI Driven SEO Strategies – Google is a monster that dominates online search in Ireland. Google is used at 95.7 percent of all online searches performed in Ireland.  Many people today get distracted by Facebook advertising and forget about SEO, but it is a mistake. As an Irish SEO agency, having 20 years of experience, helping people to get online, they know and understand Google. Using the SEO Services helps you to leverage their expertise so that your business gets ranked high in Google search results for the correct keywords.

 What is SEO?

It is really simple enough to understand. Google has become the money making monster today because people rely on it to deliver useful accurate search results. Google does this very well. How many times you need to go to past page one when you are searching for the result of something new. Not many times. Pages 2 and 3 of the Google search results get only 6% of the clicks.

Google very well understands that it is surviving only on the strength of these results. It is not surprising it is always looking to deliver the best results possible.

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. As an SEO agency, their job is to convince Google that your web pages are the most authoritative results for a given search. Google must be made to think that delivering your pages on page one will definitely give the searcher what they want and so will ensure they keep using Google.

A Marathon, Not Sprint

Another factor you can take into account when you consider the cost of implementing an SEO strategy, is the time it takes. Webworks have been an SEO company for many years and they know it takes time to get the rankings you want. There are no shortcuts. All their plans are based around a six-month cycle. They need not ask people to sign contracts. They charge on a monthly basis for their SEO Services. Only 30 days notice is required to terminate your relationship with the SEO agency but to get the best out of any strategy they design for you then you should budget for 6 months.

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