Vehicle Wrap Design – What to Look out for

A vehicle wrap is a good advertising material.  If made well, it can bring attention to passersby and bring the message across.  Note though that it has to be done right for it to be effective.

If a vehicle wrap is one of the venues you are interested in, see below some tips to maximize the ad.

Have one big main message

You can’t simply load all the sides and all the spaces of the vehicle. It will come out too cluttered. Remember, depending on traffic, a vehicle passes only for only a few seconds or minutes. Hence, you have to ensure readability from that point of view.

Choose what you want to convey in its simplest form. That highly depends on your objectives and campaign. If the marketing goal is to create awareness, then concentrate only on what can achieve that. If it is a new brand or product you are promoting, highlight only the name and what it is for.

Do not forget to say what it is especially for new players. Others only put the name in a very big fashionable way and forget that people don’t know what it is. When we mean maximize, it means the ad still has to be effective and functional.

Here’s another example. If the aim is to increase sales through leads, put where the product is available. If it is in a certain supermarket or you have an online store, highlight it in your vehicle wrap.

Remember the name of the game in a vehicle wrap is simplicity in conveying the message across.

Try to be bold, unique, and attractive

If the intention is to get noticed on a very busy road, then by all means do it! Think of creative ways to get your vehicle to catch attention. The design elements can be bold and flashy. But, be careful not to overdo design elements that the main text or message is diluted.

Create a balance in trying to win over the attention and still get the message across.

No small texts please.

Despite the main message, you still want to add somebody’s copy or more information. While we do understand you try to maximize the space with your information, be careful. See if you really need this information given the limited time you have to convey the message. Unless you intend to park the vehicle in areas where people stay, then maybe it can be worth considering.

For mandatory information like websites and customer hotlines, an option is to put them at the back or other areas. Spreading the information across the vehicle can yield maximum exposure to the reader.

But as a general guideline, avoid smaller texts. Doing so will ensure readability from different vantage points.

Use readable fonts

Some designers want to be creative or experiment more to make it unique. They may use flashy and script fonts. If that is the brand font or the mandatory, you have no choice but to use it. But if not and you are putting in other text, use a readable font. Again, remember that a vehicle may only pass by for a very short period. Don’t waste that window of opportunity to get your message across.

Consider the vehicle’s body parts and dimensions

In designing a vehicle wrap, take into consideration the body parts or lines. These are the hood, bumper, doors, handles, breaks, and other curves.

If you have text, make sure they will not overlap on those curves or handles. Take a picture of the vehicle. Measure the vehicle from all sides before you make the design. 

Other cars have customized features not common with the same vehicle model and make. The designer has to see the car personally to consider these customized parts. It can be a specialized bumper. Who knows maybe you can make do of those parts. Turn them into something more attractive with a great text and design!

Check vehicle damages

Before applying a vehicle wrap, carefully check it first. There may be dents and damages. These may be seen or highlighted once you install the vehicle wrap. You might have a visible bump beside your main message. Hence, repair the car first for any damages before wrapping it with your ad.

Tap a professional

It will be good to get a professional company to deal with your vehicle wrap. They have experience in creating stand out designs that convey the message across. They can also install the vehicle wrap. Note that not all are capable of installing vehicle wraps correctly. A professional can ensure it is laid out properly and there are no bubbles. They can install the vehicle wrap right to make it last longer. Furthermore, they can create impactful designs based on budget.

In summary, a vehicle wrap is a great way to advertise. Given the very busy streets we have, a vehicle wrap can reach your target market. You only have to ensure that the ad is done right to make it effective. If you are looking for a sign company Perth to help you, reach out to Signarama Joondalup, one of Australia’s leading sign services that cater to areas in Perth and its surrounding areas. The company design, manufacture, and install vehicle wraps. Reach them and they have a dedicated team of professionals that can make your vehicle wrap stand out.

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