Unusual Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Try

A content marketing strategy is essential for business growth. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional outbound marketing and generates over three times as many leads. While there are numerous reliable content marketing methods available, incorporating lesser-known and unconventional techniques can also provide positive results.

Embrace transparency

While becoming more transparent about your business can be scary, it’ll help build trust with consumers. For example, McDonald’s Canada recently launched its “Your Questions” campaign to dispel damaging rumors. When asked about pink goop in their chicken nuggets, McDonald’s Canada responded with a video demonstrating how their food is made. This clip shed an honest light on their practices and reassured consumers about McDonald’s food quality. Similarly, you could answer common customer questions about your business, or even have employees feature in videos, or write blog posts for a personal touch. By providing transparency, you’ll build a stronger connection and engagement with your customers that they don’t get elsewhere.

Educate your audience

Consumers are 113% more likely to make a purchase after consuming educational content. Magnolia Home Theaters started a blog with their small content marketing budget to educate customers. Since few businesses were educating consumers about electronics, Magnolia profited from standing out; Best Buy soon bought them for $87 million. Ultimately, educating consumers is essential to help them understand the value you offer and eliminate confusion and hesitation that prevents them from making a purchase. In particular, infographics are a great way to improve article visibility and increase audience engagement on your educational content; indeed, an infographic can improve backlink efforts by 178%. They’re especially useful for breaking down complex or data-driven topics into understandable visual representations. With customer education, you’ll give customers the information needed to make informed purchase decisions, increasing conversions and customer retention.

 Guest blogging

Guest posting brings 3x more leads close to conversion. Getting industry experts to write posts, provide interviews, or film videos for your site can boost visibility and position you as a thought leader. Not only will your audience regularly benefit from fresh voices and perspectives, but you’ll also add originality to your content marketing strategy. Your original content will likely be linked back to other websites, which will boost your SEO and widen your audience.

Content marketing is a surefire way to organically grow your business. Try these unconventional content marketing methods to enhance your online presence and put your business on the path to success.

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