Top Tips to Boost Customer Interaction Using Social Media

The survival of every business is dependent on its customer. If the relationship between the consumer and the company is strong, it can boost sales. If truth be told, it is not always the amount of money which a business invests in its marketing campaigns or the brand’s popularity, which determines its success. Instead, it is the business’s ability to engage and win a loyal following, which is detrimental to its success.

Owing to social media, today, every business worldwide has a unique and healthy opportunity to communicate at a personal level with their customers. Though using social media as a strategy to boost your business might seem simple and easy to understand, it can be challenging, especially for small companies who have no clue how to engage their followers on social media.   

In case your social media plan is to develop a social media profile for your business, and then randomly posts deals, which promote your products, it is better to utilize your time someplace else. We say so because, with this plan, success seems very bleak. The companies capable of leveraging social media to boost their business sales are the ones who know how to master the art of creating a lasting and emotional connection with their fan base.  

So, how do the pros achieve it? 

Here, we have four practical tips that can help you interact with your followers or customers on social media. 

Post the user-generated content

Gargi, a social media manager with EduWorldUSA, says that social media’s most challenging aspect is deciding the type of content you should post. You can design a campaign that leverages content, which your followers had a pivotal role in shaping. It can be an excellent way to create posts, which have a likelihood of being shared further.

It is always a good idea to create content, which includes your customers and makes them feel a part of the topic. When that happens, the customers feel engaged, and they want to put forth their ideas. They think that their views are adding some value to a company. With time, they regard the brand as their own. 

Do you know about the White Cup Content launched by Starbucks in 2014? As part of this campaign, Starbucks told its customers to create fun doodles on Starbucks’ cups and then submit the same as part of their content entry.

Now, the catch was that the winner of the contest would have their doodle as a template on the limited edition cup of Starbucks. Naturally, people were excited. It was well depicted in the fact that Starbucks received 4000 entries for this content in just three weeks. Crazy, right? Well, it is exactly what the user-generated content does. It bridges the gap between the customer and the seller. 

If your customer enjoys your post, they will share it with their friends, giving you a wider reach. 

Think beyond self-promotion

The problem with social media is that it is dominated by self-promotion. It is the reason why people find it monotonous. When people classify your brand as boring, they are less likely to revisit your page. So, using the social media channel well would need some creativity from your end. It will help keep your followers loyal and engaged. 

Sonya, a social media expert of TrumpLearning, says that in addition to posting content related to business, she always makes it a point to share relevant life-related social media issues, such as economic issues, social affairs, and current events. It is indeed an excellent strategy and will help you generate interest and keep the content lively. After you have attracted a loyal following with exciting content, you can certainly add your promotional posts every once in a while. However, be subtle. Your posts should not seem 100% sales oriented. Your first priority with every social media post should be to add value to your followers’ lives.

Be responsive

When you post something about your business, the goods, or the services you offer, many customers will have inquiries, which they will direct to you via social media channels. Jennifer, a social media professional with TAE, says that she makes it a point to keep their social media handles as responsive as possible by replying to the followers in less than 15 minutes between business hours. It is a perfect strategy and will help you bag more loyal customers who repeatedly visit your platform. 

Be easy to find

If your business is less likely to be found on social media, not many people will follow you. Thus, it is always recommended to put up simple names for your profile and use pictures directly related to your business. It will ensure that your business is easy to find on all social media channels. Maria, a social media manager of TFTH, says that companies should never use unrelated profile details or names as it leads to inconsistency between the profile and the business.

When there is an inconsistency, the customers are not motivated to follow you. You can also use social media as a link to your website. So, when more and more people follow you on your social media platforms, your website’s traffic will automatically increase.

Have fun

A lot of people employ social media purely intending to have fun and socialize with people they love. So, as a business, you, too, must utilize social media for some fun. See, if the people who follow you on your social media pages find you uninteresting, it will not take long for them to get bored of you and your brand. The obvious will happen eventually. They will unfollow you. So from time to time, you must post jokes as well as some fun and exciting content. It will ensure that the customers come back to your page over and over again.

On the whole, social media has to be a powerful value addition to your marketing strategy. It can indeed be magical if you use it effectively. Lastly, remember that you do not have to be on social media just for the heck of it. Ensure that you use it wisely, and it brings in a positive impact for you and your business.   

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