Top 4 Uses of Holographic Stickers for Your Business

Have you come across holographic stickers, and you’re keen to know more & how you can use them in your business? Or maybe you’re starting out on a new venture and want ideas on how to grow using stickers?

We’re here to help. In this article, we will explain the top 4 uses of holographic stickers in your business.

Before we start, what is a holographic sticker?

A holographic sticker gets made the same as a normal sticker; however, it’s printed on iridescent effect, metallic vinyl. This vinyl creates incredible metallic colors.

Holographic stickers are cut to whatever shape you need and are durable & waterproof. Here’s what a holographic sticker looks like:

Holographic tiger head stickers in a pile

How is a holographic sticker made?

This image shows the different layers of a holographic sticker:

Holographic sticker de-constructed

Each layer has an important role. The layers are:

  1. The clear gloss laminate protects your design from fading, scratches & water.
  2. Printed using the latest digital technology with incredible detail & vibrant colors.
  3. The holographic vinyl gives your design beautiful, shimmering effects.
  4. The general purpose adhesive is perfect for loads of applications.
  5. A thick backing makes your stickers easy to peel & gives a premium finish.

Now you know about holographic stickers, how can you use them in your business?

1. Put stickers in your product packaging

What we mean is something similar to the Apple stickers you get with a new iPhone or iPad. Apple is the master of brand building, so why not copy a little of what they do.

Putting stickers in the box with your product helps get your brand in the hands of your loyal customers. Because custom stickers are such a low cost, it’s a brilliant way of ensuring your brand gets seen repeatedly.

2. Find guerilla marketing possibilities

Guerilla marketing is a marketing method that uses unconventional methods of communication to showcase your message. 

An incredible example is Puma. They paid Pelé $120,000 to tie his shoelaces in front of millions on the pitch in the 1970 soccer World Cup final. It got excellent TV coverage and a lot of attention. 

Try using this idea to inspire you. Not everyone has $120,000 to spend, but Google shows tens of great Guerilla marketing examples using custom printed stickers. Most won’t cost more than a few hundred bucks.

3. Give away merch to influencers

An influencer is someone in today’s world who has a strong following online. We would recommend targetting Micro-influencers. These are people who have up to 150,000 followers.

If you can find an influencer who has a relevant audience, send them some product samples, custom holographic stickers, and a hand-signed letter. If you find the right people, there is a great chance they’ll give you a shoutout to their following.

4. Create scarcity for your products

Scarcity can be a strong driver of sales. If your prospect genuinely believes there won’t be another opportunity to buy that product, they have a much higher probability of buying.

Getting your customers to act immediately is a hard thing to do. Limited edition products can help to create scarcity and drive urgency in your marketing.

And that’s it. Four top uses of holographic stickers for your business. We hope you now understand precisely what a holographic sticker is and how you can use them. If you have any questions, please comment below! Thanks for reading.

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