Tips for Making Money with Classified Ads

In today’s competitive (and uncertain) business world everyone is looking for a leg-up and additional opportunities to increase their income.

So it is important to make every aspect of the internet and its countless possibilities work to your advantage.

As an entrepreneur, one of the ways for you to attract more business and turn a profit is with the help of classified ads.

If you are not sure where to start or how to manage the effectiveness of your classified ads, here are some suggestions.

What is a Classified ad?

Classified ads are basically intermediaries between buyers and sellers. 

And websites containing ads are usually organized in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate (divided into categories, locations, etc).

Internet advertisement has become a reliable and credible marketing tool for promoting a business by increasing visibility and reach.

This means a lot of entrepreneurs turn to classified ads as a valid marketing strategy.

However, that also implies a lot of competition and the need for your classified ad to stand out amongst its competitors.

Valuable tips

Now that we’ve established some basic facts about classified ads, let’s turn our attention to different approaches you can take in order to handle them successfully.

Paid submission

Paid submission is probably the most common way to post and promote your ad. There are different price ranges depending on the packages offered by the website.

Don’t think of it as an expense, but an investment, a necessary action for increasing your chances for better rankings and promotions which translates into more reach and sales.

classified ads - paid

Also, it is not just about your submission, your website can also be a place for ads of other companies.

If you’ve already established a successful platform, others will want to use it for paid reviews and sponsored content.

It could be a brilliant chance to turn some additional profit along the way.

Esthetics and content

Think about how the ad looks and the message you are trying to put across.

In other words, you need to think about the information you’re giving to the buyer but also about how that information is presented.

While scrolling through the website, the ad itself needs to pop and grab people’s attention. Only then will they stop to read the content of the ad.

classified ads - content

Here are some aspects of a visually strong ad to consider:

  • font
  • color scheme
  • size
  • pictures or photos

When it comes to the content there are also a few rules to follow:

  • headline – it needs to be memorable and appealing, it is the first thing that customers will read so it should encourage them to keep reading
  • crucial information – it has to be short and on point
  • writing style – it should reflect the voice of your company
  • call to action – the ad should be persuasive so that a potential customer becomes a paying one
  • keywords – they are essential in positioning your ad within the selected search engine, so don’t forget the SEO aspect.

Video advertisement

People tend to respond well to visual forms of presentations so video advertisement is a particularly effective way of conveying a message.

Creating a video that represents your product or service in the best possible way can be quite a challenge.

classified ads - video advertising

Luckily, you can turn to companies such as, which offers a wide range of categories for advertisement in a video form.

Hiring professionals can be a good investment since a carefully created video can generate valuable traffic and reach, and by doing so, attract spending customers.


Depending on your niche and your goals, you can implement any of these suggestions in a variety of ways.

It is a highly efficient way to attract customers, raise sales numbers, and overall increase profit, especially when it is combined with other marketing strategies.

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