Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Thrive Architect vs Elementor

thrive architect vs elementor

If you are looking forward to creating a WordPress website, Thrive Architect and Elementor page builders are two highly ranked options.

They are almost similar, thus standing out from the competition.

Each of these page builders has solid features that enable you to create impeccable websites without writing a single code line.

Again, the elements come close in some of the designs and their functions, and it may appear as though one borrowed from the other, and as it is, you may find it challenging choosing between the two.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed comparison between Thrive Architect and Elementor, helping you understand which of the two would be best regarding your online needs.

Thrive Architect vs Elementor Comparison

Website Building FeaturesThrive ArchitectElementor PRO
Free trial versionNOYES
Lifetime fee on updatesYESYES
Customer supportYESYES
Responsive for mobile editing and previewYESYES
Drag and drop enabled editingYESYES
Landing pagesYESYES
Landing page template libraryYESYES
Live, front-end editing enabledYESYES
Tutorials and an extensive knowledge baseYESYES
Compatible with most WordPress themesYESYES
Ease switching to preview modeYESYES
In-line text editingYESYES
Works on websites outside of WordPressNONO
Pre-built page templatesYESYES
Ease of useYESYES
Theme BuilderNOYES
Extra Plugin Products within the brandYESNO
Allows for EMS/API integrationsYESYES
Image carouselNOYES
Image boxNOYES
Image galleryNOYES
Contact formsYESYES
Evergreen CountdownYESYES
Social media shareYESYES
Facebook page embed abilitiesNOYES
Content templateYESYES
Animated headlinesNOYES
Menu-like pricelistNOYES
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Why Is Elementor Better Than Thrive Architect?

One of the significant reasons Elementor stands out is that it’s easy to get started with the free plugin.

It is accessible among the plugins in WordPress, and the installation is also straightforward within WordPress.

elementor free

Getting started with Thrive Themes can feel a bit daunting because you have to purchase the plugin from an external source and install it in WordPress.

Although it’s not necessarily hard, it can be challenging for someone with little to no experience with WordPress and site-building.

Again, to get started on Thrive Architect, you have to pay before starting.

And that is not appealing to most people.

At best, Elementor has a free version that you can download and run on your site, and in that, you get a feel of its page building abilities.

Also, while using the free version, you can view what’s available for you before choosing to go pro.

You can gauge if it’s worth your time and money.

Another notable feature of Elementor is how it blends into the WordPress dashboard upon loading the plugin.

You can control most of its settings on the WordPress dashboard.

That does make the interface faster when you click on it, and you can use the global settings to change some of the elements on your theme templates right away.

The dashboard of Thrive Themes is impressive and functional but doesn’t load into the WordPress dashboard.

However, it does so on a separate window. It not only gives off a feeling of a lack of integration with WordPress but also takes time to load into its dashboard.

The next notable feature at first glance is the simplicity of the Elementor’s editor’s interface.

elementor free simple editing

When you click on ‘edit with Elementor’ it gets rid of the complicated WordPress admin dashboard, and the editor covers your screen from end to end on the same window.

Plus, at that moment, it gives you everything; a preview of your web templates on your theme, making it easy to understand and use even when you’ve never had your hands on web creation before.

Thrive Architect opens its editor on a new window, and you can work back and forth onto the WordPress dashboard.

The feature is excellent, but it can be confusing for someone who’s just starting.

Once you take a close look into the visual appearance of the Elementor and Thrive Architect editor, you will notice the similarity in how the drag and drop elements are arranged.

The only difference is that Elementor has a single vertical block of the features at the edge of one’s side, whereas the Thrive Architect lists two blocks of the elements on both sides.

But when you get closer, you realize that Elementor packs more components into its feature board than Thrive Architect.

Why Is Thrive Architect Better Than Elementor?

thrive architect differences

When it comes to the expenses, Thrive Architect costs $67 for a single site, but with that purchase, you’ll get lifetime updates.

Of course, Elementor has a free version, but what you get with the free version cannot surpass the features you’ll be offered when utilizing Thrive Architect.

That leaves us to look at its most affordable premium option that’s offered at $49 for a single site.

Although the price of Elementor PRO is slightly lower, you only get updates for a year.

After this, you have to renew the subscription after twelve months to get the plugin updates.

Now, updates are an essential aspect of WordPress plugins because when you fail to update a page builder to its newest version, it stops being compatible with the other plugins and, in the long run, with WordPress.

Furthermore, it becomes impossible to run your site.

And that is why Thrive Architect is more affordable in the long run.

The elements in Thrive architect are optimized to help you market your business online.

Thrive architect is also great for marketing and generation of leads.

It offers deeper integration with an extensive list of automatic mailing list companies compared to Elementor.

thrive architect mailing lists

Thrive architect also has a larger number of landing page templates in its library compared to what Elementor Pro gives you.

The landing pages are also tailored to help online marketers create the requisite marketing pages, such as lead generation pages, confirmation pages, etc.

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Elementor And Thrive Architect Pricing Comparison

Concerning pricing, the free version of Elementor doesn’t offer incredible features provided by thrive Architect.

Therefore, it is not a product that can be a focal point for creating a great website.

thrive architect vs elementor pricing

Nevertheless, the extra features that come with Elementor Pro are impeccable, and they can be compared to the elements in Thrive Architect.

I’ll start by stating that Thrive Architect is only a product of a package comprising several page building products that makeup Thrive Themes.

And in line with that, you can choose to purchase this package for $228.

This way, you’ll gain access and enjoy not only the features in Thrive Architect but also other unmatched page building and marketing services that makeup Thrive Themes.

Again, each of these Thrive Theme products have individual price tags and can be accessed and used individually.

Thrive Architect prices:

  • $67 for a single site license and installation
  • $147 for 15 sites license and installation

With either purchase, Thrive Themes offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied.

A year of premium customer support. Life-long updates to plugins and 269 landing page templates.

Elementor Pro is a single product, and therefore when you purchase their premium page builder, you get access to all the features it has to offer without reservations.

Elementor Pro prices:

  • $49 for a single site license
  • $99 for a 3 site license
  • $199 for an unlimited number of sites

With all the purchase options of Elementor, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t content with what you get.

They also offer twelve months of customer support and twelve months of plugin updates and 100+ landing page templates.

Elementor or Thrive Architect – Which Is Better?

thrive architect vs elementor which is better

There is a very thin line between these two site builder’s features.

However, Elementor does give you more features that can be handy in site creation compared to Thrive Architect.

None is better than the other, as it all comes down to what you are looking to accomplish with your site creation in the long run.

For instance, if you are seeking a great looking website, Elementor wins, but when you are looking to focus on marketing, then Thrive themes are the most ideal.

Who Should You Choose Elementor?

Elementor is unique with web designs, and therefore you can build great websites for general use.

It is ideal for blogging, portfolio websites, and small business websites that are not necessarily focused on active online campaigns.

Of course, that is due to its numerous page templates library that is stylish and its theme builder properties.

Elementor also gives you the capabilities to customize easily the features related to blog posts and archive pages.

Again, if your business majors in creating websites for individuals and businesses, Elementor would have the best offers at $199 for an unlimited number of sites and would be much profitable for you.

Who Should Choose Thrive Architect?

Most businesses create websites for marketing purposes.

This is because we are currently living in a digital age, and most people have access to information on the internet, mainly through mobile phones.

Therefore it can be an excellent medium for getting leads.

On that note, one of the founders of Thrive Architect is a seasoned marketer, and for that reason, Thrive Architect is built to incorporate a lot of marketing tools that would be ideal for an online business.

As you know, a website’s strength is mostly dependent on the plugins that you choose to use.

However, having a lot of them can decrease speed times.

So, if you have an online business, Thrive Architect may save you the cost of extra plugins that are required to enable marketing functions on a website.

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Disclosure: I am an independent Thrive Themes and Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Thrive Themes and Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Thrive Themes and Elementor.

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