Three Easy Ways to Ensure You Put Your Customers First

The old adage “the customer is always right” may not actually be true, but it does hold some weight. Clients in all sectors need to feel as though they are important and that they matter.

We present you with three easy ways to ensure you put your customers first (or at least, they will feel like that’s what you’re doing!).

1. Know your target market

Knowing your target market is essential regardless of the product or service you are trying to promote. From a market stall selling fruit and vegetables to a high-end boutique offering bespoke ball gowns, whatever your enterprise, understanding your customers is imperative. Having the right knowledge about their expectations, the service they expect will allow you to tailor what you do to suit them.

Of course, you may find that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work and if you are seeing these clients on a regular basis, it may be more of a bespoke way of doing things. However, just spending a little time getting to know them will make a huge difference. There are many reasons businesses fail, don’t let not knowing your customer base well enough be a reason for you.  You may need to revisit your original business plan on several occasions to remind yourself exactly who this target market is. It can be easy to veer off plan otherwise.

2. Respond to feedback

Feedback should be something that we welcome with open arms, whether positive or negative. If a customer is feeling strongly about something, they will want to shout about it from the rooftops. Of course, if it is a complaint, you may think that giving it publicity is the last thing you want to do.

However, showing yourself to be operating a business that acts on criticism, constructive or otherwise, will put you head and shoulders above the rest. Likewise, if someone shares on social media that they have had a fantastic experience thanks to your company, be sure to acknowledge this. It takes effort for people to sing your praises, so the least you can do is show them that their words are important to you. Seemingly ignoring them could lead to them stopping buying from you again in the future.

3. Treat them well

When you go to a car dealership to seek a new vehicle, it should not matter whether you are looking to spend hundreds or thousands, brand new or second hand. The experience should be the same, regardless. Attention to detail is everything. If a customer feels as though their money is not good enough for your business because they are not spending as much as the person before them, due to witnessing first-hand the inconsistency of approach, they will likely go elsewhere.

When a customer feels rushed into making a decision about a purchase, they will be reluctant to follow through with it. Likewise, if a potential client does not feel as though their questions are being answered or the responses are honest, they will not conclude the transaction. Customer experience is everything.

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