The Top Trends in the Packaging Industry

With more companies posting orders out this year than ever before, there are a lot of trends going on in the packaging industry.

If you have an eCommerce industry or are even thinking of starting a subscription brand, you are going to want to keep up with what these trends are. This is going to ensure that you provide the best experience for your customers. So, let’s take a look at the top trends in the packaging industry.

Designing Custom Packaging

It has not been until recently that businesses have really understood the impact of the unboxing experience. This means that they are now putting in a lot of effort to make their packaging attractive and reflect their brand. In particular, they are customizing the design in brand colors and including their logos on the box. This means saying goodbye to plain brown cardboard boxes and grey packaging.

Using Sustainable Materials

A lot of people have become very environmentally conscious in recent years. In particular, customers want to ensure that they choose to purchase products from companies that care about the environment and do their bit to help. This means that more businesses are switching to sustainable materials for their packaging. They are saying no to plastic and choosing cardboard instead, with the aim to use materials that are biodegradable or recyclable to keep customers happy.

Smart Packaging

A trend that is starting to emerge is smart packaging. Just as the name indicates, this is way more than just simple packaging. Instead, it can carry out advanced functions to help customers. For example, it can contain LED lights or speakers, as well as Bluetooth and alarms. For example, it can be used on medicine packaging to ensure that the pills are used properly. Are you wondering what is smart packaging really about? Well, you can click the link and read more about it now.

Bold and Colorful Designs

For many years, packaging was discreet and plain. But, since businesses want customers to have a wonderful unboxing experience, they are taking it up a notch. The latest trend when it comes to packaging is going big. In other words, brands are wanting to stand out from the crowd and choose bold and colorful designs. This is something that can be an instant hit with customers and make a good impression. It is going to be attention-grabbing and make people exciting to open up their products.

Flexible Packaging

Linked with the fact that customers are wanting to be kinder to the environment, businesses are recognizing that nobody wants to receive a lot of packaging. In other words, if a customer has ordered something small, they do not want to get a huge box delivered to their door. This is viewed as a waste. It can also mean that the businesses are spending more money than they have to. Thus, this has led to the rise in flexible packaging. This is a safe and secure way to send items and make use of space but without going overboard.

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