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Marketing business analysts generally work in the strategic and operational marketing department or department of a company. He is responsible for defining various analysis tools and designing dashboards that help decision-making and the monitoring of commercial performance. He participates in the management of the company’s activity and proposes action plans. It provides data summaries to the various departments of the company in order to help them improve their performance. His gross annual salary, which varies according to seniority, is in a range between $ 25,000 and $ 70,000.

His missions

The marketing business analyst participates in the management of the company’s activity by designing and automating analysis tools and dashboards. He defines, in conjunction with the director or manager of the marketing department and the product managers, dashboards intended for monitoring sales performance. It provides tools for the sales department and formulates strategic recommendations for the implementation of action plans. He is required to analyze the data provided by the information system (IS) of the company relating to the turnover achieved by product, by customer. On occasion, he helps the management of the system. In business analytics, this is important.

Information to Optimize Its Forecasting Tools

The marketing business analyst measures the return on investment and prepares activity reports for the general management, the sales department of the company, and for its distribution network if it exists. He is responsible for carrying out quantitative and qualitative investigations in order to better understand customer expectations. It also sets quantitative and qualitative objectives for all the actions undertaken and ensures monitoring and evaluations in terms of results. He studies the consumption trends and practices specific to an industry. It analyzes the growth prospects of a target market and provides sales forecasts.

In addition, it monitors competition and monitors regulations to analyze the impacts likely to modify the market. It summarizes the results of its analyzes and communicates them to the departments concerned. It provides recommendations to the marketing department on customer loyalty, prices; sales. It supports the sales department and supports it in its development. He is likely to coordinate sales with internal or external sales team distribution. The marketing business analyst is generally attached to the business, sales, or marketing department. From a horizontal standpoint, he works with the product managers and the various managers of the departments concerned by his analysis investigations and reports.

Become a data analyst: required qualities

To be a successful data analyst, you need to love statistics first and foremost. Numbers should be one of your favorite ways of speaking. Tables, graphs, balance sheets. Here are schematically summarized the main working tools of a data analyst.

You must, therefore, have a perfect command of both computer language and statistical tools. Like any activity requiring the manipulation of encrypted data, you must be equipped with extreme rigor, a developed analytical mind, and a foolproof organization. Concentration is also one of the essential skills to make a good data analyst.

If you join a company to carry out this activity, you will of course be required to respect confidentiality rules and non-disclosure of sensitive information. Fluency in English is also an essential prerequisite to practice in a highly internationalized field.

Data analyst: career or possibility of development:

Unlike the data scientist, the data analyst, also called the data miner, is required to manage superior data from a single source. Usually, it is the company’s Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool. Thus, after having joined a company as a data analyst, it is possible to access, after having proven your skills, the position of a data scientist. This big data professional differs from the data analyst by the volume of data he processes but also by the multiplication of the sources from which they come and which gives him an overview. Other professions can also be considered depending on the company and the candidate’s profile, such as the position of Business Intelligence engineer or that of Data Engineer. You can also turn to positions with a stronger managerial connotation such as the Data Security Manager, the Chief Data Officer, or the Master Data Manager. There are different types of types of data and scales that you need to know there.

Become a data analyst: training required

To become a data analyst, you will need to consider relatively long studies since a BAC +4or5 level is generally required to exercise this activity. Most of the time, companies give priority to candidates who have followed courses in engineering, statistics, marketing, and sometimes IT. The more you have benefited from cross-training, the more your profile will interest potential recruiters.

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