Sound Marketing: Using Audio Branding to Strengthen Your Small Business

Sound marketing enables companies to create traffic to their business by targeting a sense in addition to vision or sight. Sound is quite powerful and an integral part to get clients to remember your business. Sound marketing is highly effective since every person uses some sort of sense to determine behavior, be it;  smell, hearing, touch, taste, or sight. This allows businesses the opportunity to differentiate their marketing strategies by focussing on visual promotional activities.

Sound marketing is important especially for companies where the customers cannot see the products or services provided. Brand marketing in this instance becomes useless and sound becomes king. For example, when a customer rings a business, they cannot see what is offered, however, effective sound marketing will help the company engage with the customer and create the brand image.

Startups and small businesses with limited resources are often overshadowed by competition from big companies with larger financial muscle. Yet somehow, these small businesses need to engage in the same marketing field and distinguish themselves from the rest. It’s from this fact that these businesses are now incorporating affordable yet effective sound marketing solutions such as Jingles, tones, messages on Hold, background music, podcasts, and overhead announcement to promote brand awareness, communications, and customer satisfaction.

Requirements for A Good Sound Marketing Campaign:

Technical Requirements

Making a memorable, effective sound brand for your business requires the right technical tools. If you plan to smash with sound marketing, a complete studio setup such as the one by Teko Broadcast is a worthy investment. Some audio equipment would include any electrical devices used to play, reproduce or record sounds, such as turntables, mixers, MP3 players, radios, microphones, and speakers. These devices attempt to recreate the original sound as close to reality as possible.

Determine Your Target Audience

The best way to determine that you are making the right impact on the right people is through a solid understanding of your target market. This will help you differentiate your business and focus on one particular profitable group known as your niche. It’s paramount to make sure you understand the needs of your market in detail.

Marketing Channels

A business should do thorough research on the various marketing channels that its target audience gravitates towards. Do a sturdy on past consumer behaviors on a granular basis to determine the most effective marketing channels to employ. Analyze the cost implications of these channels with the ROI.

Keep It Short and Memorable

While it may be tempting to use your favorite song to brand your company, this is usually a terrible mistake. After all, people have different preferences when it comes to the type of music they love. A great sound branding ought to be sweet and memorable to the ear. The shorter the sound is, the easier it will be for customers to remember. Have you ever wondered why we are quick to remember simple tunes from TV shows while we struggle to recall the activities of the previous day? This is because we respond so well to audio due to the strong cognitive connection between memory and sound.

Maintain Consistency

Just like any other form of marketing, sound branding needs to be unique. As audio becomes a more crucial part of marketing, a personalized brand voice is incredibly valuable to your business. Before anything, think about the kind of sound that best represents your company because, beyond your visual logo, a consistent tone of voice is what helps to drive familiarity with your customers.

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