Smile for the Camera! How Much Do Social Media Influencers Make?

Social media has opened doors for thousands of new professions, personalities, and ways to make a living. 

One burgeoning profession involves creating an audience on social media, providing excellent content, and using that platform to promote the products and services that you want to. The people who do this are called influencers, and you’re sure to have come across a number of them in your time. 

But is it a feasible way to make a living? How much do social media influencers make and how hard is it to rise in the ranks?

We’re going to explore the influencer profession in this article, giving you an idea of how much you could make and what it takes to get there.

How Much do Social Media Influencers Make?

The exciting part about becoming an influencer is that there is absolutely no limit to how much money you could potentially earn. Some individuals have become very wealthy as influencers, and they’re a testament to the potential that social media holds. 

That said, it’s pretty tough to reach those coveted spots. The amount of income you make as an influencer increases as your following increases. If you have, say, 10,000 followers, you might be able to make $200 a post and post four or five times a week with different sponsors. 

That number could vary in that range, but that’s not a bad living considering how few posts you would need to make. As things ramp up, you might find that you’re making thousands of dollars per post and posting every day. 

Again, the following has to be there and you have to be producing great content. 

How to Rise the Ranks as an Influencer?

Naturally, if there was a secret formula to becoming an influencer, everyone would be doing it. 

What matters is that you’re offering people something that they enjoy and want to keep coming back to. At the very least, you want to start generating engagements on your posts. Do an analysis of what works and what doesn’t and start to play to your strengths. 

You can also sponsor your own posts and spread them to vast audiences. A $100 investment into one post could put your content in front of upwards of 10,000 people. Most of them might not engage, but you’re bound to see an uptick in engagements when you sponsor posts. 

A lot of influencers try to team up to produce content and extend their following. Finding social media influencers can be tough, though. Engaging with a creator marketplace can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing and meet new people. 

At a certain point, your following will be significant enough to attract brands to work with you. They might reach out to you, but you might have to hustle and reach out to brands that you pair well with. 

The advantage of working with influencers for brands is that people are much more likely to trust the influencers they follow than an advertisement on their feed or on television. That’s why brands pay so well to have influencers promote their products and services. 

Want to Learn More?

So, how much do social media influencers make? There’s no limit. 

It takes a lot of drive, skill, and knowledge to make it that far, though. We’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas on how to boost your digital marketing strategy and start making income as an influencer.  Whether you’re an existing Instagram influencer or you’re just getting started, we can push you to the next level.

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