Smart and Unusual Ways to Advertise Your Business

Advertising drives trade. This is a well-known sentence, which highlights the meaning of advertisement. Without a successful marketing strategy, business owners may find it more difficult to develop. It has an enormous impact on brand recognition, service sales, and the number of clients. Creating an advert strategy helps to define a niche and target group. Companies can set their long-term goals and follow the process of improvement.

Advertising attracted great interest in the early 60s. You can imagine how much has changed since that time. The Internet made it possible to reach clients from all over the world, in every language at any time. It also gives way more methods to grow companies. Nowadays, graphics designers and PR specialists have tools to present products, clients’ reviews, or selling points. We should also remember the non-describable impact of psychology. It can boost, or on the contrary, damage perception of the company. Studies show that this branch of social sciences implies lots of factors. Beginning with colors used in the advertisement, ending with e.g., people who are seen on them.

Nowadays, we can notice that advertising is way more creative than it was decades ago. There is no need to use outrageous expressions. Methods are more elastic and they are adjusted to the companies’ niches, like Hotshot Sleeves are a good idea to promote a coffee shop. Of course, people still use more traditional ways of advertising – as you know, what goes around comes around. Even though there is some new, kind of unusual, ways to advertise your business.

Take part in special events

There are plenty of events that agglomerate people interested in a particular branch of business. You can learn about companies’ values, employees, services, and products. The more interaction with potential clients you have, the more interest you attract. For instance, you are the owner of a small company which sells plants. You have got an office, a well-prospering team and lots of motivation. One of the best ideas to promote your business is to participate in e.g., eco events. It gives you the opportunity to show your products, create relationships with clients, and promote your company on the market. Usually, during such events, there are people who respond to photographic documentation. Thanks to that, even after the event, you will be recognizable on the social platform.

Another good move connected with participating in events is to create brochures. You can give a piece of information about your company and your services. Do not forget that the visual aspect is really important. The more is not always the better. Stay as neat as it is possible.

While looking for an event, you should focus on the characteristics of the target group and the reason why your presence would be beneficial. You can easily find any events on websites like Facebook or Instagram.

If you belong to the more formal and educational niche, it is worthy to consider participating in conferences. Giving a powerful speech will draw attention to you and your business. It leads to an increase in brand awareness.

Create infographics or stickers, or both

When it comes to images, there is a bigger probability to remember them than e.g., sounds. Not only you create content but also you share it through images that make them interesting and shareable. They can be added to pamphlets or to posts on social media. Imagine that you have a small bakery which also sells home-made jams and sweets. It would be a perfect occasion to show the quality of your products to a bigger amount of people. How? Get to know the owners of small businesses that are in the same niche as yours. Exchange business cards, place them in a noticeable spot. Create small pamphlets that show the process of making dough and pastries. Show your local quality and commitment to your business. It works with a lot of types of business. Here are the other examples of marketing ideas for coffee shops.

Stickers are also a good idea. It may sound strange, because why should someone use a small piece of sticky paper? Be sure that the sticker contains your logo. It does not matter if you sell products or provide serious services. The main goal of them is to increase your distinction.

Do giveaways

Having a promo or giveaway will spark interest to your company. Giveaways are popular among lots of companies. You can make it in a way of competition. Where? It depends on your company. If you want to grow your business locally, you can organize special courses or competitions where winners will get coupons or some of your products. It can also be held online. This gives you bigger access to potential clients and their needs. Remember, offering something at a discount is a marvelous way to draw in customers.

Of course, it does not work exactly the same when it comes to big companies. Their tactic is more focused on a sale, and it’s not about getting familiar with clients. There is nothing wrong with this. If you achieve some level of recognisability your company focuses on other tools.

Get Affiliated

The more partners you have, the more exposure your company gets. This promotes business identity in a long-term perspective. Affiliates should be related to your business.

Think about it in a way of partnership. For example, you are the owner of a linguistic agency. Your company provides tools that are necessary for some branches of businesses, like translation and interpretation of documents, life-translations, and language business courses. You can start the affiliation with a well-known and respected legal office. Both of the companies will be beneficial and additionally, when your partner’s consumers need your services, they will point out your company.

Partnerships are more and more popular. A lot of clothes stores decide to take part in this, like Prada and Adidas. In the first impression, it sounds extraordinary that a high-fashion brand collaborates with a typically sports one. But if we take a moment to think deeper about it, it gives Adidas a little bit of prestige and shows Prada in a less distanced position which is more and more popular among brands like this.

Use social media

Social media is crucial to most marketing strategies. Again, you have to think about the profile of your consumers. You should consider their age, possible income or education. It all depends on the products or services you want to provide. There is some kind of social media that will attract older audiences, for example.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even YouTube can give you lots of tools – from videos to text posts. They will give you the possibility to get feedback on your efforts and get to know the clients. You can promote your products in every possible way – from making videos of your products to working with influencers. It is understandable that more and more companies decide to spend more on online advertising resources.

As you can see, there are plenty of advertising techniques. The most important thing is to focus on the clients’ profile and adjust the marketing strategy to it. You can use social media or traditional ways of advertising. Keep in mind that too much advertising is not beneficial for the social perception of your company.

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