Promotional Products In 2020: Which Ones Work Best?

Promotional products are not a new branding idea tailor-made for the 21st century. In fact, company gifts have produced a strong influence on consumers ever since the first door-to-door sales professional handed out a magnet for placement on a refrigerator. What has changed is the lineup of promotional products that line the tables at industry trade shows and the shelves inside the company headquarters.

According to the experts at, the most popular promotional products in 2020 extend far beyond traditional gifts such as logoed pens, t-shirts, and memory sticks. Promotional products have morphed into the type of gifts that you give away at memorable family gatherings.

Since your customers are lie family, let’s take a look at what is hot for promotional products in 2020.


As a testament to the growing focus on removing plastic from the Earth’s waterways, metallic drinkware has become a huge hit at industry trade shows. Hand out a company logoed cup, mug, or glass at the start of a trade show, and you can expect to receive more attention from potential customers of your business. Creative new shapes, textures, and most importantly, printing locations make customized drinkware one of the most affordable types of promotional products that should earn your company a huge return on its marketing investment. Drinkware travels well, as evidenced by the number of products held by travelers at airports and at railway stations.


Traditionally considered an after thought as a birthday or a Christmas gift, custom socks make the ideal promotional product when you add the most powerful message on the fabric. When you make super soft cotton the material of choice for your promotional socks, your company sends the messages that is values delivering high quality products and services. Custom socks designed for potential customers of your business should lead to more revenue for your company. In addition, giving away socks that include a memorable message lets everyone know your brand is about having a sense of humor.

Tote Bags

In 2020, the more things change for promotional products, the more things stay the same. Tote bags represents a popular corporate gift because of the high level of functionality the bags offer your customers. They can carry on a customized canvas tote bag for a flight to a business seminar, as well as use several tote bags to haul groceries to and from the car. Tote bags provide plenty of room to add a stylish logo and a printed message that sticks with customer prospects. They are easy to fold and store to make the bags a popular packing option for busy business travelers.

Technology for Entertaining

Memory flash sticks might have fallen out of favor in the world of promotional products, but that does not mean technology has become obsolete for forward thinking companies that want to attract more customers. Promotional products in 2020 that provide your customers with the highest quality of portable entertainment devices should give you an advantage over your competitors. Always popular Bluetooth headphones have plenty of space to attach a custom company logo. Mobile earbuds keep your company in the minds of customers every time they kick back to listen to a few tunes. Portable power banks and Qi wireless charges also have emerged as popular promotional gifts in 2020.

Camping Gear

If there is one thing that we have learned in 2020, it is a growing number of people are seeking the comfort provided by nature. Camping gear sales have increased considerably, especially items such as sleeping bags and portable chairs. Both products have landed in prominent positions on the tables set up at industry trade shows. Nothing demonstrates your appreciation for customers more than handing out the customized camping gear. From splashing your attractive logo on the side of a tent to including a catchy message on the back support of a portable chair, you leave a positive impression on everyone that attends the next big company event in 2020.

Dog Accessories

Nothing gets your company more exposure than handing out promotional gifts for dogs. From toys that keep our four-legged friends busy for hours on end to functional products like food bowls and safety vests, you can expect to have a crowded line up at the next company event for the free promotional dog accessory gifts. Not only do you add a custom logo on each promotional gift, but you also add a message for the dog handler receiving the gift. Most gifts for dog lovers fall withing company promotional budgets. However, stay away from handing out dog food and dog treats. That should be the decision made by the dog’s best friend.

Promotional Products in 2020

Not considered flashy, promotional gifts represent your company’s best opportunity to make a positive first impression on the professionals that attend an industry trade show, as well as the loyal customers that show up for customer appreciation day. Most promotional products sell in bulk, with manufacturers offering generous discounts. Potential customers that receive promotional gifts from your company are much more likely to remember your brand when it comes time to make a buying decision.

Make your company stand out in a crowded field of competitors by giving away the most popular promotional products of 2020.

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