Product Launch Graphics: Images You Need to Create When You Launch a Digital Product

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what product launch graphics to create for your next promotion!

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Over the past three years I’ve helped bloggers design and launch digital products. I’ve designed and launched dozens of my OWN digital products and I’ve done launches, flash sales.. pretty much ALL the promotions. 

I’ve tested and tweaked and learn so much about marketing. I’ve taken all of that knowledge and combined it with my graphic design background to create a product creation system. 

Within that system, I teach about product design itself and also the design of promotional graphics. In this article, I’d like to go over the different types of graphics that you can create to promote your launch! 

Find out what visual elements, graphic designs, and images go into successfully promoting a digital product! If you're looking for a cheatsheet of product launch graphics this article is it!!

The 3-D Mockup or Preview Image

Show people what you’ve created with a 3-D mockup. I use myecovermaker (not required but totally worth it!) to create these. I also put together a quick video tutorial on how to put together the whole image.

Mockups are important because it can give people a better sense of what your digital product is and if the graphic is visually appealing, it will work to grab their attention and increase conversions.

People tend to put less value on digital products because it’s not a tangible thing, it’s not something they can hold in their hands. 

I know your content rocks, so present it that way visually! 

If you present the product in 3-D mockup, people will be able to visualize better what it really is. Plus, make sure to always present the fact that it’s digital as a positive thing. There’s no shipping costs and they get it immediately! No snail mail!

The Promotional Graphics

Before you determine exactly what promotional graphics you’ll need- you’ll first need a launch plan. How in depth are you going to go? Is it a pre-sale or baby seed launch where you are only going to put it out to your email list for beta testers or are you going all out and selling it to the world?

How about pre-launch? Are you going to offer some sort of free training, webinar, or other list building technique prior to the launch? Because you’ll need graphics for that too.

Here are some promotional graphics you may need to consider:

  • Free training or webinar promotion
  • Launch bonuses promotion (if offering bonuses to buyers)
  • Early bird or time-sensitive offers
  • Facebook images/ads for both the free training ad the actual product
  • Pinterest images/ads for both the free training and the actual product
  • Social media headers (yep, you’ll want to switch your header to something promotional during your launch)

The great thing is that you can create all of these using free design programs like Canva!

Keep in mind that if you have affiliates, you’ll want to give them access to some or all of these graphics for their own promotions leading up to and during your launch. I sent my affiliates an email with a google doc folder with my promo images.

Side note: The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox contains done-for-you templates for every single one of these designs PLUS the affiliate center templates, sales page copy, sales launch copy, and so much more. It’s an entire product design and launch plan that’s been “templatized” for you so you can customize to every product you create.

Free training or webinar

I resisted this at first because I was afraid to put myself out there. I’m an introvert and don’t like being on video.

But I KNEW I had to put myself out there when it came to launching. If I didn’t, I was only hurting myself. Pre-launch is really important and in some cases can make or break your whole launch.


Launching a digital product take a lot of moving parts and one of the most important is the graphics and visual aspect of the launch! Find out what graphics you must create to have a successful launch and make money blogging fast! #blogging #launch #digitalproduct #graphicsforlaunch #promographics #bloggraphics #launchgraphics

When I was ready for my first launch, I came up with a challenge that incorporated video training. As you have probably heard me say a million times: success only comes with implementation.

Since I was selling Canva templates, I wanted people to use them so they can discover the true awesome-ness that *is* done-for-you, professionally designed templates. I knew once people got a little sample, they would see the benefits for themselves.

They would discover how much of a time saver they could be, they would see the difference between their current graphics and the ones they could create with my templates.

But I wanted people to learn too.

Value, value, value.

And it paid off because the response I got was seriously mind-blowing.

Not only were people signing up left and right (seriously, I was about to grow my list by 339 new subscribers over 4 days)– this was without the use of Facebook ads. 

People continued signing up all week! Even though unsubscribe rates are a bit higher during a product launch (that’s totally normal and OK) I still ended launch week with over 400+ subscribers I didn’t have prior. So I urge you to give this a shot! It’s fun and so worth it.

But again, you’ll need to create the graphics for it– which includes:

  • Slide decks for the training/webinar portion (BTW there’s a slide deck template in the Essential Template Pack for Launching a Product at the end of this post! It’ll be the fastest webinar you’ll ever design!)
  • Any actionable items to go along with the training– workbooks, worksheets, checklists, etc.
  • Promo images (as listed above)

I recorded my training by downloading the slide decks as a PDF and opening them in full-screen mode. I used a screen record program called Capto (for mac) and also edited and downloaded the video using Capto.


Videos are a big part of the visual world that is social media today. During a product launch or even a flash sale promotion, there are usually a few different ways I use video

  • Facebook lives (and promoted them with a graphic)
  • Promotional videos of my product 
  • Convert product-centered blog posts into video using Animoto or Lumen5

This is in addition, of course, to any video training or sales page videos.

I personally am not a fan of being in front of the camera. However, when I started Simplifying DIY Design (not my first blog) I promised myself I’d put myself out there more because I knew if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t succeed.

Even if it was scary.

Even if I didn’t want to do it.

Even if I was going to lose sleep over it.

And I did it, and I’ve never turned back.

The graphics matter.

Launches are scary. I’m going to be honest. I got very little sleep the few weeks I was working on this launch.

Side note: giving yourself 3 weeks to plan, create, and implement a launch– even if you already have your product done– is pushing it. #askmehowiknow

What if I did all this work and no one bought it? What if I cut back client work and decreased my income and it didn’t pay off? What if I put it out there, people bought it and it didn’t help? 

These were the things that kept me up. These were the things that made me want to give up.

But I kept pushing.

Because if it was easy then I wasn’t pushing hard enough, right?

I promise you, it was so completely worth it. Every single second was worth it.

But the graphics matter. I honestly didn’t have all of the above prepared before my first launch🤦‍♀️. I didn’t even think of half of the graphics I listed above!

But readers asked for preview images, affiliates asked for promo graphics, potential buyers asked for videos. So I created them and learned from it and made sure to pay attention to what was working and what wasn’t.

Because it’s extremely time consuming and almost overwhelming at times, I made sure to have templates for every single design I needed to do so that I could save time. 

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Don’t forget to grab the Product Creators QuickStart Kit! Just sign up below and you’ll get my checklist, cheatsheet, and Canva design template for free so you can get started creating a digital product for your blog!

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