Predicting Trends in the E-Commerce Industry in 2021

Electronic commerce has been very popular among a lot of people all over the world for many years. It attracts a great number of users due to the offered convenience and speed. However, in 2021, the e-commerce industry goes to the next level because of the global changes in the world.

The e-commerce field has become probably the only business sphere that not just did not suffer from restrictions but even became more successful. The world quarantine made e-commerce necessary and indispensable for all buyers and sellers.

For instance, the number of sellers who want to put their goods on popular marketplaces like Amazon has increased a lot. Electronic commerce platforms like Amazon provide beneficial conditions for all sellers; so, you need to discover the peculiarities of selling plan, fulfillment program, and product storage specifics and know how to check organic sales on Amazon or another platform to control income. When you are ready to start and have decided on your priorities, you delegate the part of selling operations to the company and simplify the business routine. This site can help you with all of these services.    

Despite the great success of the electronic commerce business, its development does not stop. The main features of this industry are regularly improved. So, buyers and sellers follow the latest innovations. The list of the top latest trends in the e-commerce industry for 2021 includes 6 items:

  • Voice assistants
  • AR-technology
  • Multichannel sales
  • Mobile commerce
  • Social networks promotion
  • Environmental friendliness

Voice assistants 

The technology of voice assistance is quite popular among digital users all around the world. Nowadays, it is possible to use voice assistance in different fields, including electronic commerce. 

Great advantages of voice assistants are their multilanguage systems and the unique convenience because you regulate them with your voice only. Voice assistants give a possibility to make purchases online during the cooking process or house cleaning. 

There are three useful tips for sellers to optimize their service for voice assistance system:

  • Simplify the names of goods for convenient and quick pronunciation
  • Elaborate a voice navigation for your website or mobile app
  • Optimize the content to raise the chances to appear in the list of results of voice search (use LSI and key phrases Long Tail)
e-commerce industry - AR technology

AR technology 

AR technology is about augmented reality. Earlier, there used to be a trend to buy online only products that have standard forms, sizes, etc., generally those goods whose appearance and quality was not so important. People were afraid to buy clothes or shoes without try-on or select furniture without independent measurements.

However, nowadays, it is possible to buy almost every existing product online. This is a reality of the e-commerce industry due to AR technology. The AR system allows trying on the selected clothes in the virtual dressing room or placing a new sofa into the virtual copy of your living room.  

Sellers can expand the possibilities of their AR systems by providing the implementation of artificial intelligence. AI can become an online consultant for your clients and offer individual recommendations.

Multichannel sales 

In the modern world, not so many people use only one device in their life. This means that there is a necessity to adapt the online shop to all appliances. The most successful online selling platforms have at least a website and a mobile application. 

It is important that the content of the platform is the same for all devices, and buying conditions are equal for customers’ comfort. The more accessible for the potential client your platform is, the more effective can be your online selling. 

In addition, multichannel sales include the system of different purchase formats and payment methods. The advantage is a personalized service, taking into account the latest Internet requests, and an individual approach to every customer.    

Mobile commerce 

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern life. People literally live on their phones; so, it is obvious that they prefer to go shopping with the help of these devices. The mobile version of the selling platform assures the possibility to go online shopping anytime and anywhere due to the portability of the device. Therefore, the implementation of mobile apps ensures the increased effectiveness of your business. 

Consider that around 30% of all buyers refuse the purchase if there is no adaptive mobile version of the selling platform. 

Ensure the simplest way of purchase registration, create a progressive web-app PWA, and add accelerated mobile AMP pages. Such tools as Google Mobile-Friendly Test can help you to discover whether your website is adapted to the smartphone. Focus on simplicity and minimalism while creating a mobile interface.   

e-commerce industry - mobile commerce

Social network promotion 

Every month, social networks are visited by about 3 billion people all over the world. Nowadays, a social network is not just a platform for communication and social life support. In fact, it is a separate business today. The most popular activity for social network users is advertising. 

The presentation of any brand on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok guarantees the attention of a great number of potential customers. 

In addition, in the social networks field, there are especially authoritative users – bloggers. People who follow the lives of their favorite bloggers are used to trust them and their recommendations. Therefore, it is useful to order an advertisement from a famous blogger.     

Moreover, it is possible to provide a selling service directly from the account on any social network. It is convenient for customers because they do not need to distract from entertainment for shopping.

Environmental friendliness

The theme of nature preservation is implemented in a large number of industries in recent years. The e-commerce field is not an exception. The investigation of demonstrated that about 65% of customers prefer to buy products from brands that support the planet protection policy. So, it is necessary to transform your business into an eco-friendly format (use natural materials, provide not harmful for nature production, etc.). Furthermore, it is important to convey information about your brand’s environmental friendliness to customers. Mention the ecological concept of your business.

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