Overview of Different Lead Generation Strategies

Planning to generate leads for your business that focuses on recruiting job seekers or helping employers get more employees? This line of business is no easy task without generating any leads. Lead generation is a complex process that uses its art or formulas on doing things like solving problems with mathematics. What makes it important is because it helps your business grow using increasing your clients that would inquire about your service.

How exactly lead generation works? The whole process is science, but it is the first step in making consumers get attracted to your services or products. You have to use different strategies like sending emails, a widely used technique around the internet (read more), to attract consumers. There are many other strategies that you can utilize to increase sales or incorporate into your recruitment services and increase clients.

Today as we face a global issue, many have lost their jobs permanently but continued to seek new ones. Recruitment services become handy during these times like this as many job seekers browse for new jobs and employers recruit replacements. The increase of target audience and lead generation strategies could lead to exponential growth for your business! It will be like fishing in a school of fishes.

These strategies are useful for other businesses too, it is not limited to certain gimmicks, but in this article, we will focus on the business for recruitment services. There are many ways to generate recruitment leads and expand your business and attract more clients; not just locally, but also worldwide. With that being said, lead generation strategies shine bright when it comes to attracting clients, whether local or international.

Here are some of the lead generation strategies for recruitment services and their pros and cons:

1. Webinars For Careers

lead generation strategy - webinars

Webinars is an online seminar where you use one of the various kinds of social media to interact or teach people. This is a good strategy for attracting clients who seek out advice from experts. You schedule a date and time, invite an expert to be the speaker, and look for people that might be interested. You can look for experts to talk about subjects like interview answering or resume-writing tactics or techniques.


  • It is a good way to increase your reputation.
  • Webinars can hold many audiences depending on social media.
  • More chances to hook up clients to use your services.
  • A safer way to do a seminar since the pandemic is still occurring.


  • You cover the incentives given for the speaker and it would be hard to give them personally.
  • People can come in and out of the webinar anytime they want.
  • It would be hard to handle many questions during open forum sessions.

2. Referrals From Satisfied Clients

lead generation strategy - referrals

Offering excellent service to your consumers will often make them give you referrals. They will refer a friend and have them review your services and how you treat your client. This strategy plays a huge role in your company’s growth (link: https://www.business2community.com/strategy/referral-based-lead-generation-0541615); many small businesses often grow large from word of mouth, becoming more popular through the public. We are social beings and we often talk about things that interest or satisfy us and share experiences.


  • A satisfied customer will talk about your company without you knowing it.
  • Word of mouth spreads like wildfire.
  • A great strategy for startup businesses.
  • A reputation booster.


  • An unsatisfied customer will also talk about their bad experience.
  • Sometimes satisfied clients do not talk about their experience.

3. Circle of Friends and Colleagues

lead generation strategy - family and colleagues

This strategy involves having your colleagues and friends help promote your business to others. You can give them incentives for their help or follow the rules of equivalent exchange where they scratch your back, you scratch theirs. They would help you expand your connections by being introduced to their other friends; you might also find a potential business partner.


  • You are more comfortable asking them a favor.
  • Having a circle of friends help you boost up your confidence and motivation.
  • It is a bit different from referrals but almost the same benefits.
  • Colleagues and friends are much more approachable than strangers.


  • The spread of word might be slower than having referrals, depending on your circle.
  • Different personalities, different approaches, some friends, or colleagues might be shy to promote your business, some might overshare.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most used online lead generation strategies. You email random strangers to have to introduce your company and what you do through their emails. Email marketing is done through cold emails or warm emails. Cold emails are emails sent to people that have no prior contact with your company (learn more), they are widely used by small companies. Warm emails are the opposite, which means people who had previous interaction with your business receive emails.


  • Many people read emails every day, increasing the chance for people to read.
  • It is easy to make and can be sent to multiple people at the same time.
  • For warm emails: this is a good way to improve the company’s reputation.
  • For cold emails: this is a good way to let strangers know your company exists.


  • Many people might find it annoying.
  • Without the use of a VPN to cover your IP address, you are vulnerable to hackers.
  • Many people hate the idea of receiving unsolicited emails.

5. Advertisements

One of the most popular ways for generating leads is by marketing your business through ads. You may put ads on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and other famous websites. You can also sponsor some influencers to talk about what you and your service do, how to reach out, and the benefits your company offers.


  • With an Influencer’s help, getting more clients are made easy.
  • Putting advertisements almost everywhere is a good way to make people know your company exists and has excellent services.


  • You pay for advertising on social media.
  • Sponsoring influencers are costly.

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