Maintaining Engagement Post Covid-19

COVID has affected many businesses in many different ways. Although the timeline to the end is unclear, quarantine and restrictions will eventually be completely lifted. Strategies to continue engaging with customers have continued to change, with messaging, content, and customer service tactics needing to take a shift to help customers through this difficult time.

While things continue to change almost daily, how can businesses maintain engagement throughout the “new normal” and beyond?

Covid-19 changed the ways we do business

With many businesses encouraged to continue operations from home if possible, the way they have been communicating with their customers has changed drastically. Call center phone lines have had to be diverted or shut down completely, meaning there are fewer ways to get in touch with a business if you need to.

Although some have adopted new strategies, many run the risk of getting left behind as society begins to return to normal. It’s vital for organizations to understand their customers’ needs during such a unique period, and what they might need post Covid-19.

Strategies to help you engage with your customers

If you’re changing your operations and wanting to keep customers up-to-date, it’s important to do so. Whether that’s planning an announcement on your website and social media, these updates will ensure your customers feel included and important.

There are simple ways you can update your website – banners above the fold or in a sidebar are a non-intrusive method of getting your message across. Or, if you want to include a wealth of information and keep your customers informed of any changes in your operations, a blog post will allow you to produce a much lengthier announcement.

Another great tool that is often unused by many organizations is social media. Remember your website isn’t the only place you can keep people up-to-date! During uncertain times it’s important to maintain your presence on social media, and the pandemic has certainly highlighted this. Create eye-catching graphics to sit alongside your messaging, and remember to put out reactive posts where possible to keep your customers in the loop.

Gifting strategies to fill the void in engagement strategies

Often an under-utilized tactic when it comes to filling the void with engagement is gifting. Everyone loves getting presents in the post, but on a professional corporate level, it’s a different ballgame. Whether you’re sending gifts to online influencers to share your products with a wider audience or are treating your regular customers, adding a personalised card gift from businesses like Cardfactory will add that extra special touch to an already appreciated sentiment. Engagement strategies such as this will ensure your customers not only come back to you time and time again but that they develop into brand advocates too.

No matter what strategies you decide to implement for now and post COVID-19, make sure you consider gifting as an option.

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