Innovative Ways to Market Your New Business

So, you’ve decided to be your own boss and start your own business. It’s all very well having the idea, the stock, the premises but without customers, you have no business! Enticing people to buy your goods or use your services is of utmost importance if you are to earn money from your new venture.

You must stand out from the competition and get your business noticed. Here are some innovative ways to market your new business.

Have a Mural Painted

If you own a building or can hire a site, commission an artist to paint a mural on the building walls featuring your company logo or something relating to your business. Passers-by can’t help but pay attention to a gigantic painting! On a busy street, you could even ask an artist to embellish the sidewalk with chalk images of your logo.

Get Professional Help

Be smart, be a magpie, and adorn your business with a shiny, new website. Ask a specialist e-commerce consultancy such as Magpie to design a website that will fire your business into the spotlight. An entertaining, informative, and easy-to-navigate website is the shop front of an online business and needs to be enticing.

Become a Pin-Up

Have a batch of calendars made with details of your company printed on them. Distribute them around local offices and businesses. Hopefully, these people will display them for all to see! Businesses with waiting rooms such as medical practices, dentists, and takeaway restaurants are a great place to have your calendars displayed as people will read anything when they are sitting around waiting on something.

Share Your Skills

If your business is built upon a unique skill or service, think about sharing your talents with others. Record YouTube videos of how you make one of your products or how you perform a skill and post them on your website. Do demonstrations at craft fairs and business expos or offer night classes for a small fee. People will become familiar with you and your business and hopefully will be keen to gain more information about you.

Give it Away

Everybody loves a freebie. Have pens, rulers, mugs, balloons for kids, T-shirts, and candy bars printed with your business branding, send them to local businesses, or give them out from a stall at an expo or local business event. When someone uses your free pen, they might just give your number a call when they require a service such as yours. Do not spend a fortune on producing these goods and leave yourself struggling for money, but also ensure you do not use sub-standard goods to print your logo on as the recipients will associate the low-quality goods with your business.

Be a Sport

A great way to get your business seen is to sponsor a local sports team such as a school football team or a town basketball team. Potential customers will admire the fact you are helping the local people when they see your logo on the team’s logo sportswear or advertised around the sports stadium’s perimeter.

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