How Web Design Empowers Branding

Branding can be bolstered significantly with the help of web design, but unless you appreciate how this is achieved, you might fail to recognize the benefits it brings to the table.

To rectify this, here is an overview of the empowering potential of effective web design and the influence it has over your brand.

Telling the story of your business

Connecting with prospective customers is a challenge, especially if your brand is new and relatively unknown. People want to trust the companies they do business with, but many marketing solutions do not give you the opportunity to leverage storytelling to build this familiarity and earn their confidence.

This is where good web design enters the equation. Parachute Design, an expert web design agency, describes that your site is your storefront and the asset that best represents your business to the world in the digital arena, and so using it for storytelling is sensible.

With help, you can integrate relatable, relevant stories with the more practical aspects of your website. This can include the inspiration behind your entire organization, the journey you’ve been on to create your latest product or the ethos that guides the culture of your company.

Whatever story you want to tell, a website puts you in the driving seat, letting you shape the narrative with more precision than in any other context.

Improving brand visibility

It is necessary to conceive of web design not only as a user-facing strategy for brand-building but also as a core tenet of the technical steps you take to bring your site to the attention of users in the first place.

In short, impactful web design needs to be part of your SEO efforts, which in turn means that your branding will be exposed to a wider audience if your landing pages are able to rank higher on popular search engines for target keywords.

Of course, you also need to ensure that once your site begins to gain traction and achieve traffic upticks, it is also able to convert new visitors rather than allowing them to slip through the cracks. Good design can again be harnessed here, and the key is to ensure that visitors get what they expect and what they need when they arrive on your site, rather than something that is only tangentially related to their original search goal.

It is not just about making compelling, unique content available but also about organizing it logically and thus increasing the likelihood of a visitor sticking around and getting to your CTA.

Embracing usability

Another functional aspect of web design that still holds sway over how your brand is perceived is that of the user experience (UX) it offers.

This is partly influenced by the aforementioned handling of content layouts, but more generally encompasses things like interface elements, cross-device compatibility and even raw page load speeds.

Ultimately, you should see web design as being one of the foundations of your brand in the digital-first era of marketing, and do all you can to optimize it for this reason.

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