How To Promote Your Local Business With These 4 Tips

It used to be easy to advertise your local business. You would put ads in the local newspaper, run ads on the local radio station, and on the local TV network. That’s where your target audience was so it made a lot of sense.

Getting to your local market is a lot different now. Some of the old advertising ways still work when it comes to a brick and mortar business, but you have to know which ones to go with as they are not, all the same, these days.

In this article, I will go over several tips to advertise your local business and increase your sales.

1 – Give away some swag

The best way to reach your target audience and get some recognition is to give away branded products. From t-shirts to calendars, there are a lot of ways to make sure that you have your name out there.

How you give it away can really depend, but you want these products in as many hands and homes as possible. You can place some of your items in your store for people to grab and go, such as customized pens or keychains. Or, you can give them away with a purchase.

Other businesses may be ok with you placing a box with your items in their store or office for their customers to take also. And if you have a mailing list then sending them products and even holiday greeting cards that double as decorations are always welcome.

2 – Get listed on Google

One of the best ways to get your business is for people to find you right away when they search for the things you provide. And this means getting a business listing on Google.

Let’s say you are a car detailer. When you want to be found, you will have a listing on Google that gives your address with a pinned location on a map, your business hours, contact information, and other details. Google users can also leave reviews that can show up as a star rating when your business comes up in search when somebody is looking for “car detailing in insert city name here”.

The way to get started is to sign up for a profile on Google My Business and then add all of your business information there. If your business is already listed on Google, then you can claim it through your account and make edits for more accurate information.

3 – Start a blog

Blogging is not just for people talking about their daily lives and habits. It isn’t just for influencers, either. It is a vital tool that can help your ideal customer find you rather than you need to find them.

A blog uses local SEO techniques that involve researching topics related to your field that people are actively searching for.

Let’s use the car detailing example again. Through your keyword research, you may find that people are searching for “best car wax for arid locations” and see the potential to write an article. If your car detailing shop is in Arizona, then this is relevant to their search. Write up a detailed guide about waxing your car in the SOuthwest and then make sure to have a way for people to sign up for an email newsletter in the article.

As you gain traffic, you will gain a reputation as being helpful and trustable and when somebody needs to have their car detailed in your location they will remember you.

4 – Network with other businesses

Being part of the local business community is essential to get your name out there. And there are many areas where your business intersects with others. When you develop relationships with other business owners, then everybody starts helping each other out.

You can become known as the go-to person within your field and gain loyal customers that way. Go to networking events frequently so people can get to know you. Also, make sure that you are helpful to others. If there is a way to give another business owner a hand, then that reputation will go a long way. Then, others will be more likely to help get the word out about your business.


With some new ways of marketing, you can grow your business and stay relevant in a rapidly changing landscape. Try out a few different avenues and see what works, but try to stay away from throwing money away on print ads or radio. The ROI just isn’t there these days.

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