How to Promote a Brand New Website on a Small Budget

So you have just finished working on your new website, but now it’s time to share it with the world.

Do you struggle to bring visitors to it? Do you have a limited or no budget at all?

Many of us have been there too.

Today, you are about to learn 8 proven ways to advertise your website even on a shoestring budget.

Let’s get started.

Way #1: Use email signature banners

You send emails every day.

Why not use this opportunity to drive traffic to your new website?

Even if you only send a couple of emails per day, you don’t want to miss even a single chance to increase your traffic one visitor at a time, right?

When you write your email, you need to have your name, position, links to social media, website, etc. at the bottom. This way, you make your email more personalized and share the important contact information letting recipients get in touch with you quickly.

It might seem simple, but being user-friendly is often overlooked. We all have seen these super-long and messy lists of a sender’s contact details at the bottom of emails. Here is when we recommend you to use a professional email signature generator instead of making a mess.

email signature for website

Most generators allow you to use predesigned email signature templates with a promotional banner.

To get started, you can simply add a clickable website link so that people can visit it from your email.

However, sometimes you might want to choose a landing page you would like people to see. This probably isn’t the main page.

Your email signature banner is a perfect place to add a link to this page. Be sure to include an attention-grabbing call to action (CTA) so that recipients are more inclined to click the link.

Use email signature software to make it all quickly and easily.

Way #2: Target the right people with Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach is pretty low for most pages in 2021.

This means that you need to invest some money to promote your posts if you want them to get noticed.

So, after you create a post about your new website, consider boosting it. But make sure you are targeting people that you know would be interested in your business.  We recommend boosting it to users that visited your page in the last 30-60 days.

If you have no budget for Facebook Ads, then skip this step. Fortunately, we know other completely free ways of promoting a website.

Way #3: Create an SEO strategy

Even if it sounds scary, you need to start dedicating time to search engine optimization.

Analyze competition, do keyword research, create great content using these keywords wisely, look for reputable resources to link to your content, optimize your website speed. 

Way #4: Consider adding a blog

Start a blog to improve your website’s rank on search engines. When you create valuable, high-quality content for your blog, you increase your chances of getting it consumed by readers.

On top of that, working on blog posts forces you to research your industry, and in turn, expands your knowledge and professional skills.

Try your best to publish at least one blog post per month.

blogging to promote website

Way #5: Tweet about your new website

Creating a blog is only one of the first steps. Then you need to go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (choose what fits your industry the best) and share that information. If you have no blog, still tweet about your website, asking people to visit and share it.

Way #6: Turn your content into a YouTube video

You can bring more people to your website by adding your website link in descriptions to each video.

No worries, you don’t have to start every YouTube video from scratch.

You can base your videos on content that you already have in your blog posts or newsletters.

Way #7: Share relevant content in social media groups

Participate in different discussions in social media groups. It’s a perfect place to promote your website. But be sure not to spam people because nobody wants that type of friend. Just be helpful, and it will pay off. For example, you can link to your website if you have content that answers someone’s question.

Way #8: Ask friends and colleagues to share your website

One of the simplest ways to generate more traffic to your website free of charge is friends, family, and colleagues. Let them know that you have a new website, and you would love them to visit and share it. 

Way #9: Use Quora and Reddit

These two are famous question and answer websites. By educating people and answering their questions, you can promote your website without spamming. For example, if you are in a website design, you can go to Quora / Reddit and type a relevant term in the search. Hopefully, you will find some questions that you can genuinely answer. Do it and leave a small link to your website in your signature.

reddit to promote website


Everyone is looking for more traffic.

But not everyone has a large budget to invest in a massive promotion.

By using several techniques, you can find audiences in places that other website owners ignore.

If you are trying to promote your website with little or no investments, here is what you can do:

  • Create an email signature and add your website in it to let people see it in every email you send;
  • Target people with your Facebook ads wisely; Don’t advertise to anyone;
  • Work on search engine optimization;
  • Start a blog to  improve your website’s rank on search engines and have something valuable to attract people;
  • Tweet about your new website and ask people to re-tweet;
  • Turn your existing content into YouTube videos;
  • Be active in social media groups and communities;
  • Ask friends and colleagues to share your website;
  • Answer relevant questions on Quora and Reddit.

Feel free to share this post if you find it useful. Thank you and good luck.

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