How to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

A business card is small and simple, but you would be amazed at just how big of an impact it can make if you pay attention to detail! So, how can you ensure that this little piece of cardboard generates leads for your business in the future? Here are a few tips for making these all-important business tools stand out from the rest.

Optimize printing quality

There are important steps to follow to ensure the optimal printing file for your business cards before handing it over to your chosen business card printing company. For example, it is a good idea to ensure that the file is in PNG or TIFF format for maximum compression without sacrificing quality. You should also ensure that you are working in the CMYK color space for more accurate color transfer from PC to paper based on your specifications, and double check that your raster images are 300 PPI.

Go the eco-friendly route

The research is in and it is evident that customers from around the globe prefer to do business with establishments who prioritize eco-friendliness within the organization. According to a recent report, close to 60% of customers are willing to change their buying habits to decrease their carbon footprint, and that includes switching their usual go-to companies if necessary.

With that in mind, it can work in your favor to have your business cards made from recycled paper or cardboard and to state that fact clearly somewhere on the card itself.

Play around with shape

Traditionally, most business cards are rectangular in shape. Why be predictable when you can get creative instead? Chat to a printing company that can assist you in crafting a unique shape for your business cards that is relevant to your business.

For example, if you are a hairdresser, perhaps there is a way to create business cards in the shape of a pair of scissors? If you are a mobile pet groomer, perhaps your cards could be cut into the shape of a dog or a cat? Just remember not to allow the shape of the cards to negatively impact your ability to get the right information and message across!

Turn your business card into a coupon

If your business card looks incredible and offers a potential client or customer a dose of extra value should they choose to get in touch with you, there is a drastically increased chance of turning leads into profits. The key is to use the front part of the card to display all important contact details and product and service information, as well as to get your basic branding and message across — and to use the back part as a coupon. You could provide an exclusive code that the potential client can quote when contacting your company or request that they present your business card in person when making a purchase.

Now that you know how to make your business cards stand out, you are just a few steps away from drawing in queues of interested new clients. Good luck!

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