How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website’s Conversion Rates

Getting customers to your site is only half the journey. The fact that your site attracts high traffic doesn’t mean that your conversion rates will be as high. If customers have a hard time navigating the site or even trusting you, the chances are that they will leave without making a purchase.

High conversion rates will only occur if you nurture your customers well throughout their purchase journey. You have done a lot to get the customer to your website – investing in SEO, blogging, guest blogging, paying for copy, and investing in Google and Facebook ads. Why not complement these efforts with the right conversion-rate-improving strategies?

Here is what you can do to get customers to make more purchases from your site:

Include Live Chat on Your Website

Customers might get lost when trying to purchase from your website. They might confuse two products, have questions about the products, or even want guidance on the checkout process. Marketing experts at a full service marketing agency note that having live chat support ensures customers have someone to walk them through their purchase journey.

Customers can enjoy quick and accurate answers to their questions, which improves conversion rates. Live chat support also makes customers trust your brand more. However, you should ensure that customers don’t have to wait for too long before reaching a customer support agent. If you are having trouble designing your live chat support capabilities, you can always reach out to the live chat service for guidance.

Build Trust With Customers

If you lose your customer’s trust, you lose everything  – that customer might never shop from you. Luckily, there are various ways to gain their trust and confidence in your brand. You can start by perfecting your customer support practices. For instance, you should respond to customers quickly and include your contact details on your website.

You should also ensure that your site looks as professional as possible. In case of bugs or errors, fix them as fast as possible. Since most customers are security-conscious, add certificates on your site that seriously prove that you take data security and privacy. Also, include reviews alongside product descriptions. Customers are more likely to buy a product that has the stamp of approval from other happy customers.

Find a Solution for Cart Abandonment

Customers will abandon their carts for various reasons, including password difficulties, time-consuming forms, slow loading pages, tricky security questions, and forced registration. Tracking cart abandonment rates is the first step to identifying this problem.

Next, you should look for ways to improve your site to prevent cart abandonment. For instance, you can improve your site’s speed, make it compatible with multiple devices, use click-worthy call-to-actions, and offer discounts.

You should also consider sending emails to customers to remind them of the abandoned cart. The secret for getting the right reaction to these emails lies in how you present the email. Besides using a friendly and persuasive tone, you should include a graphical representation of the abandoned products and simple CTA buttons.

Offer Personalized Experiences

improve conversion rates

Ecommerce website personalization can have a massive effect on your conversion rates. It trickles down to how well you can track your visitor’s behaviors. For instance, if a customer recently searched for men’s shoes during their last visit, it means they are interested in the shoes.

You can display content about men’s shoes during the next visit, or even include ads on related offers. In fact, up to 30% of customers expect smart recommendations and personalized experiences when purchasing a product online.

Keep Customers Engaged

Customers visiting your site have plenty of other options. Don’t give them a chance to look for what you offer elsewhere. While some of the insights above might require some time to execute, they can improve your ROI over time.

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