How to Hire a CMO for an Online Casino

Hiring an executive for any business is no piece of cake. The Chief Marketing Officer of a company needs to be able to effectively oversee, delegate, and manage a series of smaller departments, all with the experience and know-how to stay ahead of the competition. And CMO for an online casino is no exception. 

These days, familiarity with technology is not just a bonus on a resume, it’s the bare minimum to get most jobs. The position of CMO for an entirely online business is one that requires an incredibly tech-savvy individual with a whole lot of marketing tricks up their sleeves. 

So what does it take to hire a CMO for an online casino? Before we dive in, let’s take a look at the difference in the overhead structures between traditional land-based casinos and the online operations we’re talking about. 

Land-based vs. online needs

It may seem like online casinos have no real overhead, therefore, why not spend a big chunk of revenue on marketing (and by extension, a fantastic CMO)? However, that’s not really the case. So to understand the role of the staff at an online casino, the first thing to know is what their biggest expenditures look like. 

As opposed to a brick and mortar casino with thousands of staff members, commercial property expenses, food service, liquor licenses, dealers, security, etc. — an online casino only has a shortlist of items on their overhead… but they’re not particularly cheap. 

  • Staff
  • Marketing
  • Domain and Server
  • Financial Fees
  • Software Developers

Notice that marketing is on that list, all by itself? That’s how important it is to any business as well as an online casino. 

It’s no secret that every successful company has a CMO — after all, marketing is the way to get new clients, players, customers, and business. 

Essential skills for the job

Before starting the quest to find the perfect candidate for the most important marketing position out there, let’s talk about what this job really entails and what that candidate might look like. 

The position of Chief Marketing Officer of an online casino reports directly to the CEO of that company and is responsible for not only all traditional advertising efforts of the organization but all digital marketing too. 

Among other favorable traits, the most important skills your future CMO needs to have is advertising via affiliate sites, social media, TV ads, content marketing, and banner advertising. As you can see, it’s a complex mix of both traditional and digital marketing systems that span decades with proven success, possibilities, and potential. 

The many facets of digital marketing

As head of all marketing, a successful CMO hire should be able to formulate a cohesive strategy for all facets of organizational marketing. But first, let’s scratch the surface and take a look at what a typical digital marketing department looks like.

Generally, digital marketing is broken down into the following sections: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Branding
  • CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Management)
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Within each of these branches are a host of personalities, skill sets, and creative ideas that all need to work together seamlessly for the company to be profitable. Humans, however, are not always the most willing to work together and share ideas, which leads us to the next crucial ability of a hireable CMO…

Proven management skills

In addition to heading a major marketing strategy, a successful CMO must be at the heart of all of the departments that make up a marketing division. In smaller organizations, this might not be a massive staff, but in others, it could mean managing dozens (or more) staff members.

Within the domain of the CMO are the technical writers and SEO experts, working together to find a way to push the casino’s content to the top of Google’s search results in accordance to search engine best practices and algorithms. 

The branding department, which falls within the purview of the CMO has a dual nature of copywriters and designers that must work closely together to determine the best combination of images, content, and style that will then need to be checked by the public relations department to make sure the message is on-point. 

When the content or customer offers are set, they then need to be sent out via channels such as email marketing, SMS, banner copy, and even advertising copy for official sponsorship partners. This entire process (and more) needs to be overseen and managed by a great CMO to keep the message clear and the departments functioning well together. 

Finding the right fit

Hiring the right staff is crucial for any business and finding the right person for the job is not necessarily an easy task. With a good blueprint of crucial skills and experience, however, discovering a needle in that haystack is possible.  The goal of any business is to bring in business while running efficiently, and most importantly, keeping their customers happy. With the right person in the multi-dimensional job of CMO, you’ve got your bases covered. 

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