How to Easily Get Followers on Pinterest

There isn’t any magical hack that will give you millions of followers on Pinterest overnight. There’s a slightly slow process that is going to help you grow your small following into a huge following on your Pinterest account.

According to statistics, Pinterest had 459 million active users monthly worldwide by the end of 2020, which is even expected to grow more with time. Therefore, it is an ideal platform for advertising your business and driving increased traffic to your website. If you’re still wondering how to grow Pinterest followers, just go through a few beneficial tips below:

Post aesthetically-pleasing visuals

Pinterest is all about publishing eye-catching pictures, as this is the foremost feature that attracts a user’s attention and makes them irresistible from clicking and sharing the picture. You need to post high-resolution and high-quality images but you need to refrain from posting busy pictures.

Always post original content

With so many posts being repined over and over again, pinners are thirsty for original, creative, and unique ideas. They want to see something that can get them hooked, so they have a valid reason to follow you. Therefore, you need to come up with your own ideas and only post your fresh and original content.

Use relevant keywords and hashtags

Using the right keywords and hashtags in descriptions or images will show up on your board when people look up for a certain keyword. This will lead to increased audience engagement and therefore more followers. To use the relevant keywords and hashtags, you can start putting in words in the search bar and use those automatic suggestions as your keywords. You can also search what hashtags other pinners are using for similar content.    

Post consistently

Unlike other social media platforms, reach on Pinterest takes a bit longer. You need to be really patient and don’t give up on posting your fresh content every day. More the content, more the repining and therefore, increased number of followers.

Promote your pins

If you have a tad bit of budget to work with, promoting your pins on Pinterest is an ideal way. This will allow your pin to appear on the feeds of an increased number of pinners and if they like your content, there’s a huge chance that you will gain a new follower.

Follow the trend

You need to keep up with the latest trends. People love to follow the pages that are more relevant and post the latest trends. Hence, you need to ensure that you create, publish and engage with what’s popular to help you increase your following. You can also take advantage of special occasions like the New Year’s, Eid, Thanksgiving, etc. to attract people from around the world with your appealing and sentimental boards.  

Run contests

You can run a few contests or giveaways on your multiple social media platforms. You just need to clearly mention that the requirement for entering the contest or giveaway is to follow you on Pinterest. This way you will be able to bring your Facebook or Instagram followers to Pinterest. 

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