How to Combine Radio Advertising and Social Media

For years, people have been talking that the radio is dead. But that is not true. Radio is more alive than ever!

A holistic approach in marketing is the best way to have good results and effects. So, this traditional channel in combination with digital, for the beginning can increase ROI and much more in the future. Also, this way of promotion is cost-effective.

A combination of radio advertising and social media, with a unified message and authentic approach, is a good way to position your brand in minds of new customers. Why is that so?

Radio Advertising and Social Media as a perfect match

Well, these two can neutralize cons and boost the positive effects of each other.

Radio advertising gives a better opportunity to your promotion message

People listen to the radio while driving to work or back home, while they are relaxed, happy, or in need of positive energy. In that mood and with undisturbed attention, they can fully process your message.

Social media allows you to build a community and have active interaction with radio listeners

With social media, you can go to the next level and build a relationship with your customers. In that way, you can make loyal customers and marketing advocates for your brand.

If you have a bigger budget, you can even include TV, and with a good television production company make a unique promotion message for all of your marketing channels.

Important things to do before combining Radio Advertising and Social Media

Before combining radio advertising and social media, you need to do some essential marketing steps to make sure that this combination is suitable for your business.

radio advertising - social

1. Define your target market

You need to know who are the people that you want to reach. And even more, you need to know who is the leader of that group. You cannot shout at everyone, because it is really risky and with low effects, but high costs. When you know who is your target, you can adapt your message to them and with one shout have the best results. So, research first and make a customer persona.

2. Define your marketing strategy and goals

When you know who is your target market you can make a good marketing strategy for your goals. For example, if your target market is employed people and your goal is to have more interaction with them, you can make a promotion on the radio in the morning hours and quiz on social media after 5 pm, when they come back home.

If you need help with marketing, you can always contact Carrot and Stick and ask everything that you want to know.  

How to make a good combination of Radio Advertising and Social Media

As we can see from the beginning, digital and traditional channels are a good pair of promotion tools. But, how to combine them in the best way?

radio advertising combine with social

Have united promotion message

On the radio, your consumers can hear that message and on social media, they can see it. You can add a call-to-action and activate your consumers to comment and share their experience with you. It is important to activate their senses as much as you can because in that way the message will stick in their brains much more. Make sure that message is united but customized for radio and social media.

Organize contests on social media for people who have heard your commercials on the radio

In this way, you can know the approximate reach of your radio promotion and also activate your potential customers. Banded together they can give you better effects and make stronger bonds with people.

Promote special events and appearances

Through the radio, you can reach locals but with social media, you can spread globally. There are no limitations in the digital world. You can make an event for a special day of your community and provide music and promotion by some radio station. Ask people to share their favorite part of the event and tag your company or use a special hashtag.


As you can see, the combination of radio advertising and social media is powerful. Through it, people will hear about your company and they will not forget it. These two are dynamic pairs just like today’s dynamic environment, so they are perfect for nowadays.

Don’t be afraid to try it and experiment with it. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but it’s worth it!

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