How to Climb Google Search Results Page

Google, like many search engines, plays a significant role in the success of many businesses. This is because users aren’t always looking for a brand or business, but a product or service. And because they aren’t looking for something that specific, there is a competition between many different companies to appeal to those users and provide them what they need. Search engines give users the ability to find what they are looking for, so it is important to consider the different ways to rank highly on search engine results pages.

Paid Ad Marketing

The easiest way to get to the top of search engine results pages is to pay for it. Paid or sponsored content on search engines such as Google will prioritize your content at the very top of every search page. This is important to note because paid content will also be at the top of pages prior to organic rankings with a sponsored tag, showing consumers that it is not organically showing, but purchased. This is not known by everyone, so it is in fact a viable choice for companies attempting to rank highly to consider. However, for smarter or more aware consumers, it is important to grow your content to show and rank higher or search pages as that will give them a better sense of trust.

Ranking For Keywords

The first thing that you need to do when wanting to climb on google search results pages is to do a bit of research and planning. You want to find keywords to rank for specifically, as this will tie with your product or service. If you don’t take the time to learn this, your competitors will have the edge when it comes to drawing in traffic when searching for those keywords.

Content Writing and Blogs

Once you have understood the market and done your research on the keywords you have narrowed and want to rank for, creating content is key. There are several types of content to create, but one of the most useful types of content considered by most SEO marketing experts is through blogs or new articles. These are effective in several ways. If you create a page on your site dedicated to blogs and articles, having these on your site will encourage more traffic and time spent on your pages. Creating articles to put on other sites will also benefit you as you will be able to link your own website within those articles, pulling traffic and authority from other sites to yours. All of this will contribute to getting you ranked higher on google searches.

User Engagement On-Site

As previously mentioned, you want to encourage more engagement on your website, and one of those ways is through length articles. The reason time spent on your website is so important is because the search algorithms take into consideration user interaction on websites to determine if users are finding their pages useful. This, as well as flow between the pages within your site, shows how visitors are interacting and moving around your pages, and if they are finding what they are looking for. This all contributes to the amount of authority your pages have and where you are placed in search pages.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media campaigns do several things. One of the great purposes of social media campaigns is to bring users to your sites and pages through exposure, which increases the traffic and data numbers. Having users linked and brought from certain high profile sites will also add to the power of your own website, or even allow them to actively search for you on search engines. There are different platforms that work better than others, and it is important to learn which works best in terms of drawing in traffic from people that you want to appeal to.

social media marketing

Alternative Content

One way to rank highly on google search results pages is to create different types of content that typically show up at the top of search pages. These types of content vary drastically but can be right at the top of the page depending on the search. These types of content can be videos on youtube, images, or articles. You have to create content that generates a lot of user interaction or views in order to get it to the top, but once you do, your content remains at the top when search queries are made regarding similar keywords that your specific content contains and incorporates.

Running an online business comes with many complexities. Understanding the significance of search engines and optimization with them is important to your business success. It is then crucial to incorporate such practices into your marketing campaigns in order to help facilitate growth.

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