How to Appeal to Customers Who Don’t Know Your Brand or Industry

Being an entrepreneur means constantly dealing with the biggest problem you have yet faced only to then realize upon finding the solution that there is an even bigger problem ahead. You’ve come up with a name, elements of the brand, and a product. But then you have to actually sell it. You’ve begun touting your brand to customers, but then you have to scale up. Each stage of the entrepreneurial journey throws brand new challenges your way. One of them is knowing how to attract customers – but how can you do this?

Content Development

The first step to dealing with the marketing issue of appealing to customers who have no idea about your brand or your industry is to develop the content that tells them (or preferably shows them) exactly who you are and what you offer. Building a content plan and ensuring the customer’s first port of call to your website or social media channels outlines your industry and your product or service within it is crucial.

For example, Oatly offers a range of dairy-free oat milk drinks and has sections on their website dedicated to explaining what oat milk is, how it’s made, and why it differs from cow’s milk. Similarly, mobile exercise bike Peloton devotes content space on their website showcasing their product, which is useful for those who have never even considered at-home workout equipment before.

Elsewhere, Trello, the team planning software company, have segments on their website explaining the features of the product, which in turn explain the niche segment of the software industry devoted to productivity and time management. Likewise, Sweatcoin, the pedometer that rewards you with their own form of cryptocurrency clearly outlines the industry and product on their website in simple phrases to attract new customers who have never considered an app that helps fuel exercise before.

appeal to customers - incentives

Offer an Incentive

Many businesses offer incentives for new customers, especially those who are yet to try any products or services in the industry. Voucher platform Shopmium offers a range of product partnerships for customers to try with discounts or even for free. For instance, the Meatless Farm range of vegan alternatives to burgers, sausages, and mincemeat is discounted through the app so that those new to vegan cuisine could try it for little expense.

Moreover, some barbers and hairdressers offer new customers a discount for choosing a particular salon. This new customer attraction works online too, with many companies – from New Look to Travelodge offering customers a discount just for signing up to the email newsletter and making their first purchases on the site. This could entice those new to online shopping or online booking for the hospitality sector.

Traditional magazine subscriptions are also part of the game, such as those available at All My Magazines, have a discounted offer on many titles, for as much as 75% off the cover price for people trying the industry. This could then lead to loyal customers who enjoy the titles, with the lower price acting as an incentive to the customer signing up.

Another industry that is rapidly expanding is the Forex market and there are a number of people who struggle to know where to start. For this reason, platforms like TopOnlineForexBrokers offers a selection of different bonuses such as deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and welcome offers to those who are new to the industry and looking to begin their journey. They can entice a customer to a particular broker, as well as giving them an incentive to try out forex trading.

It can be daunting for a customer to engage with an industry they are previously unaware of. But by providing detailed content that outlines your industry and your place within it, as well as offering incentives for those new to the industry to try it out, you will be better placed to gain this custom.

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