How the Top Brands are Nailing Video Marketing in 2020?

The idea of a video marketing strategy is not new to the brands. What has changed is the increased importance of videos in our daily life. It has played an integral role to reach out to the audience and in implementing a marketing strategy.

Good video content can create a powerful impact to promote your brand values and marketing efforts. Additionally, it serves as a medium to create a strong network and relation with the target audience. 

Did you know? Making Facebook video ads can generate you 1000% more shares at social media than the images and text combined!

About 87% of online marketers depend on video marketing. So, how are these top brands benefitting so much from video marketing? What is their secret?  

Let’s find out!

How does video marketing help?

We know that video is the most effective method to approach the target audience. But why is video marketing so important? And how does it help the top brands?

The four most important reasons why video marketing is popular:

Let us understand them one by one.

Increases the traffic

Increasing traffic refers to increasing the number of individuals who will visit your site. How will it help? The answer is simple. More traffic means more engagement. More engagement means people stay longer on your website. The longer they stay, the higher is the chance of them buying your product. 

For example, you can find attractive video ads for mobile games on Facebook. People find it amusing and visit the store to download it. You can also take the example of various blogs attached as backlinks in the description of the social media videos. The video attracts the customers, and the blogs generate revenue by increasing the traffic.

Enhances the sales

Increasing traffic will enhance sales. But, we have added this section separately because these kinds of videos are sales specific. The purpose is solely focused on increasing the sales of a company. These sales-specific videos should focus on the benefits of using your products. It should depict the value of your brand and let the customers understand the purpose of using your product.

Educates your audience

What do you do when your laptop stops working? Before taking it to the repair shop, you consider searching the web for probable solutions. Probably, you tend to watch some YouTube videos or read some blogs. But, which one will you understand better? The video.

That is the power of the video! It educates people. 

The user base of a particular product is random. That includes both technical and non-technical users. The non-technical users might not understand the technology and concept of your product. And there is a huge chance that if individuals find a product complicated; they might discontinue using that product. Thus, to retain your customers, you should educate them.

Provides customer support

Providing flawless customer support is difficult. The more popular your brand becomes, the higher are the number of individuals who use your product. More people mean more complaints.

This is where video marketing comes for a rescue. With effective video content, you can not only educate your audience but also help them when they need you. In other words, creating videos to answer the frequently asked questions will save the customers time and the company’s money. Additionally, they can give visual instructions to guide users to complete certain tasks. 

What are some strategies that the top brands follow?

This section of the article focuses on some of the video strategies that successful brands follow. Read them and use them in your video marketing campaigns.

Tell your customer’s story

It is awesome to share your story. For example, how your company started and became what it is today. But, sharing a customer’s story will help potential buyers connect more. Give them a reason to choose your product. Explain how your products helped your customers. Use the product experience of a user as an advertisement for your product. 

Emphasize the importance of people

Understanding the people and relating to their life creates a strong connection. You want to make a professional video. But, creating a video that can grab easy attention, especially of a specific group of people, can help you gain more leads. 

For example, if your product focuses on teenagers, your videos should contain the element of humor and coolness.

The magic of YouTube

Ever noticed that when a YouTube video is about to end, YouTube recommends some other videos of the same channel? That is what is called a YouTubeend screen. It has the potential to increase the traffic of your site by about 25%. So, do not forget to use this awesome feature on YouTube.

💡 Tip

Consider using YouTube to advertise your product, since Google owns YouTube. So, when we search for something at Google, there is a chance that the same product might pop-up as an ad on YouTube.


When you adopt a video strategy, do not forget to gauge its impact on your viewers. Check if your video marketing campaigns have instigated the audience. This will help you understand your progress and help you take the necessary steps to increase your reach. Tools like YouTube and Google Analytics can give reports of your watch time, traffic, views, the most popular videos, etc. 


It takes patience and skills to create that perfect video to impress your audience. It might sometimes be costly and time-taking. Hiring professionals, learning the required skills, investing in costly equipment, are some examples of obstacles that might come. 

But with the right content, creativity, and feasible software, you can create the most striking of videos in the market. InVideo, for example, is one such amazing & free video editing software that can help you dive into the video marketing world. Choose from the huge collection of templates and make professional videos within minutes.  Now, you are equipped with the required pieces of information to carry out a seamless video marketing campaign. We wish you luck!

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