How Digital Signage Can Help You to Communicate With Your Audience on the Next Level?

The world of digital signage is expanding rapidly, as it becomes more and more common for businesses across different sectors to grasp the opportunities it presents.

So much so, that there is now an array of players offering such services as digital signage software and digital signage apps, together with the accompanying content management systems and hardware solutions.

But where is the real attraction behind the use of digital signage in situations where previously, static advertising and promotional material was considered to be suitable? The answers can be found across many different areas.

Firstly, access to digital signage software solutions is now easier and more affordable than ever. The market is rich with players who are able to utilize the open source capabilities of platforms such as Android to provide sophisticated solutions at relatively low prices – often using subscription models.

Secondly, technology now allows hardware and media solutions at geographically disparate locations to be coordinated centrally and remotely, providing powerful solutions for multi-site capability whilst also allowing the flexibility and back up of offline presentation.

Thirdly, clients can take control by customizing apps to include not only their bespoke content, but imported third party integrations, such as news and weather apps, or, in some cases, music and videos. All of this allows clients to pick and choose their solutions for what is a sophisticated proposition.

So, on the basis that digital signage software can provide easy access to multimedia solutions, what will we see in the future? And how will businesses, government, and non-government bodies be interacting with us from now on?

The answers are varied, depending on the sector.

For businesses, the benefits are many and varied, and it does depend on the nature of their proposition and what it is they are actually selling. The solutions for transactional businesses differ from those selling higher-value services. On a visit to our nearest fast food restaurant, we are likely to be greeted with displays showing the latest discounts and seasonal offers, whilst interactive touch screens make it easy for us to order and pay for our food without needing to queue at a counter.

A visit to the local bank branch will often result in materials designed to promote the brand, its ethics, and its approach to social responsibility to engender a sense of trust. Closer to counters and points of staff interaction, the displays may relate more closely to products and services as well as favorable savings or loan rates.

Visits to the theatre are likely to be different. Here, digital signage systems are more likely to be utilized to demonstrate the theatre’s wider offerings in a much more flexible and timely way than relying on static posters and hoardings. On our way from the box office to the main auditorium, we will no doubt be met by screens showing upcoming presentations for the next six months.

In office environments, the power of digital signage solutions can be felt in welcoming messages in foyers, combined with news and weather feeds, providing visitors and staff alike with up to date news and information, together with brand-specific messages designed to convey a professional and reassuring image of the business, and in the case of multi-occupancy buildings, the landlords.

In the public sector, the power of digital signage is already being harnessed to a great degree, with automated booking and waiting systems in place in surgeries and hospitals. But this can be taken a step further by using agile, image-based media to deliver powerful messages about maintaining healthy practices, scheduling regular appointments for specific health checks; even simple messages such as not blocking ambulance bays when parking cars. The flexibility of such media in large units and organizations can be enhanced with multi-site solutions delivering similar messages in, for example, different regional hospitals.

The world of digital signage is changing to the extent that businesses and organizations are now able to get key messages in front of the eyeballs of their target audience so much more readily than before. The flexibility of the hardware also creates opportunities that did not previously exist. These even include small screens in parking meters, sending out key messages relating to the local authority. Also, pay close attention to the screen at the ATM when you next go to withdraw cash. These also include media-rich content, which is a far cry from the early days of text-only screens.

For businesses in particular, the combination of low costs, low barriers to entry and multiple opportunities, in terms of both hardware and software, to convey messages and calls to action will, if used effectively, vastly increase the number of touch points, which will lead to more business in the long run. Check here for proof of how the market is changing.

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