How Digital Marketing Can Help Our Farmers

In this day and age, one of the most powerful tools in building your business is digital marketing. With the progress achieved in the advancement of technology, we are now able to reach consumers from all around the globe.

We now get to offer our products and services online wherein anyone in the world who has access to the Internet will be able to see it. There are so many possibilities with digital marketing. However, the agriculture sector has been left behind in transitioning to and optimizing digital marketing.

Studies show that the agricultural sector’s adoption rate only accounts for 78%. You may think this already high, but the average adoption rate is 88% in all sectors. This makes the agricultural sector last, incurring opportunity costs in not maximizing a platform so vast and efficient. As days and years pass by that the industry’s reach remains limited to traditional markets, benefits and revenues have already been foregone. Farmers could have earned more and sold their products could have been more convenient as well. Consumers could have also benefited from this convenience brought about by digital markets.

One of the most pressing issues that need to be addressed as to why the agricultural sector has the lowest adoption rate is the farmers’ digital literacy. Not a lot of farmers know how to utilize technology and the digital platform to their advantage. More so, some do not even have the financial capacity to purchase devices and gain access to the World Wide Web. With these, third-party companies who buy the farmers’ products and sell them online at a higher price are the ones who benefit. Yes, we can say that farmers have also received their share in that transaction. Still, wouldn’t it be more beneficial for them if consumers are directly connected with the farmers and growers themselves?

Websites and platforms like the Pinduoduo website, China’s biggest online agricultural marketplace, are to thank for. They provide opportunities for growers to benefit from the broad digital economy. The industry’s supply chain becomes more efficient and productive with agricultural products becoming more visible and accessible to a wider market. As the demand from the constantly-growing population increases, more connections to farmers are needed to fulfill the demands of consumers.

Everyone benefits from the agricultural industry which is why it is only right to continuously make efforts to improve it further. This can only be achieved when the building blocks of the industry prosper as well by being given more opportunities for growth and the farmers maximizing these as well. Digital marketing provides farmers so many crucial benefits that will, later on, bring them into a long-term success trajectory. Visibility or being easily discoverable by a pool of consumers is one. Not only household buyers inclined to buy online will be added to their reach but also companies and organizations who need a great number of agricultural product supplies in their daily operations. They can build stronger and increasing connections through digital platforms. It is possible that one day, the majority of people will opt to buy online. Thus, online marketplaces become more relevant now more than ever as they benefit both farmers and consumers at present, continuing to the future.

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