Forgotten Marketing Techniques: How To Use Them in 2021?

Global pandemic laughed in the face of all the marketers who had their marketing strategy planned for 2020, and it thwarted their pans ultimately. The number of businesses that moved online rocketed up last year, and the consequence of that shift is that marketing has moved to the digital space to a great extent as well. Marketers needed to use new business strategies to reach the audience that spends most of their time online.

However, in this craze of digital media, marketers shouldn’t forget traditional marketing techniques. Even though digital marketing has its prime over the traditional one, there are left out tools that can significantly increase your customers’ number. Use social media management, digital video, and SEO-friendly websites, but remind yourself of the old techniques that can still do their work if only used adequately in the era of technology.

Radio Ads

Plenty of tools like radio advertising can still work to build a strong brand loyalty. However, to move with the times, you should take an old technique and adjust it to the new reality.

Even though the radio might seem to be an outdated entertainment source, think about how many people listen to podcasts and internet radio stations nowadays. In 2020 approximately 26 million people in the U.S had been listening to Spotify, and podcasts have never been as popular as they are nowadays.

What’s more, you can efficiently target radio ads to the audience that is more willing to buy your product as you can choose the station that would play your ad. The best thing about this method is that you can use niche podcast stations and easily sneak an ad of your product that would naturally encourage your clients to buy it. Radio has been a popular tool used in plenty of marketing strategies, so if you want to be heard and remember – go and think about your radio slogan.

E-mail Marketing

Despite the belief of all the fans of digital marketing strategies, e-mail marketing is still one of the best ways to reach your customers. It’s targeted, it’s measurable, and it helps you create a more recognizable brand. Direct e-mails generate greater conversion and are more likely to interact with.

However, you need to remember that digital content marketing development contributed to the more demanded and picky audience. So if you think that your e-mail marketing doesn’t work – maybe you should work on your content and make it more clickable? Combine your social media marketing with e-mail marketing and wait for the results.

Promotional Items

Everybody likes gifts, right? Back in time, there was almost no occasion when you entered a bank, shop, or wanted to get a specific service and left without a pen or a mug with the company’s logo. They worked as an incentive to go back and used the service one more time. They aimed to provide customers with a better consumer experience and increased brand loyalty.

Incentives still matter. However, you can also move your branded promotional items to the digital space. Leaving your clients with a 20% discount for the next purchase in your online shop can work similarly to the branded bag consumers got in your brick and mortar shop. Or, if they order a product online, add to their package a personalized little gift that would make them feel special.


Word-of-mouth marketing bases on recommendations. It aims to conduct your marketing strategy in a way that your product is on everyone’s mouth. Using word-of-mouth marketing strategy generates great conversion and is more effective – it’s proved that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.

However, in 2021 word-of-mouth marketing has its new face that is called influencer marketing. To increase your brand loyalty, reach influencers present on social media and cooperate with them to advertise your product. According to the marketing trends predictions, it’s one of the best ways to reach consumers. People trust the recommendations of their favorite celebrities who talk to them on stories every day.


Old marketing techniques still matter. They’ve been used for years effectively to generate more significant income and attract customers. However, 2020 changed the way we look at content marketing, and the predictions for 2021 show that we wouldn’t go back to where we were before the pandemic. The best strategy is to take the old well-known techniques and adjust them to modern reality.

If you want to plan a strategy that is the most effective – you should use multi-channel advertising. Remember that video content, Facebook advertisement, and being present on the new platforms like Tik Tok are part of your marketing tactic that allows you to get to a wide range of customers. Experiment with the campaigns and combine advertising on various platforms to see which one is the most effective for your business.

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