Five Unique Ideas for Entrepreneurs to Delight Your Customers

It is quite hard to establish yourself as a well-known start-up business these days. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to launch a start-up and to enhance your business to the next level. A lot of small businesses use creative techniques that help give them a personal touch for their products and brands. It is extremely important to provide a good customer experience so that your customers are motivated to keep buying products from you. There are quite a few innovative ways to set you apart from the rest of your competition.

Writing notes

Handwritten notes are a great way of adding a personal touch to every package that is being delivered. A study conducted in Boston showed that adding such personal touches makes at least 80% of your customer base buy from you again. When your business is just starting out, it is especially important to deliver more than your customer’s expectations in order to form a good bond with your customer base. An entrepreneur even mentioned how giving handwritten notes also motivated her customers to spread the news about her business through word-of-mouth.


The way you package your products speaks immensely about your business. You can wrap up handmade products in butter paper with a cute company sticker on the top, obviously with a small handwritten note and a ribbon. You can also go the extra mile and package your products in clear tubes. Experts at Petro Clear Tubes recommend packing food products in clear tubes to make your products look chic and appealing to your customers. These are sustainable materials that can be re-used by your customers after your product as well.

Sending cookies

Once you have an established customer base, it is important to treat your most loyal customers to some benefits. These are the ones that provide you consistent business even when times are hard. It is important to show them how much they mean to your business, and what better than sending a box filled with delicious cookies? A simple gesture such as this can go a long way in providing a sense of belongingness to your customers. You can even send brownies, cakes, muffins, or mini cupcakes to delight them.

Be a customer advocate

It is important to note that your customer needs should be above the needs of your company. Doing something that is in the best interest of your customers allows you to establish a good reputation for your start-up business. Small things such as refunding money proactively if the product is damaged shall help build a solid trust between you and your customers. It also helps to establish good customer support for your business. Resolving complaints to your maximum capabilities will build a loyal customer base for your company.

Businesses today are mostly customer-centered. It is important to establish your brand as one that cares immensely about their customers. Use these unique tips and techniques to provide your company the personal touch it needs to boost your start-up.

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