Essential Tools Every Marketing Manager Needs to Succeed

As a marketing manager within a company, it can sometimes be easy to get bogged down by all the little tasks and responsibilities you need to resolve on a daily basis. Financial issues, marketing confusion, juggling social media, and sifting through endless emails and paperwork. It’s all incredibly time-consuming and can detract from focusing on managing your team…Ultimately, you want to get down to doing what you do best!

If you’re a marketing manager who is finding this process frustrating, then you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to struggle to balance all those tasks on your own, with the right tools and team at your disposal you can designate all of these tasks and focus on the bigger picture.

Here we’ll explore the essential tools every marketing manager needs to succeed.

DAM software

Using DAM software will not only make handling your digital files much simpler, but you’ll also benefit from brand consistency, time and cost efficiencies, access for anyone who needs it, a fully secure platform to store all your digital files, and a streamlined marketing experience. As a business, you’ll have hundreds of digital files that are peppered throughout your online presence, from logo and product shots to audio files, videos, illustrations, and other marketing materials, and there’s nothing more frustrating or time-consuming then trawling through the folders on your laptop searching for a particular file to upload.

When you use DAM software, you get the benefit of a fully tailored storage system that can keep all those vital files organized, accessible, secure, and shared across your online platforms with just a few clicks.

Speaking of digital files, do you need a new logo? Voice over? Website content, proofreading assistance, or any other form of graphic design? Not everyone has the creative skills or equipment to do all these tasks themselves, so why not ask someone who has the talent to do it for you? There are many platforms out there showcasing the services of professional freelancers, allowing you to find quality and talented individuals. Don’t spend hours trying to get to grips with video animation – hand it over to an expert. 


If you’re dedicated enough to give graphic design a go, then free tools like the ones you’ll find on Canva could help you create attractive branding, logos, thumbnails, and business graphics. You’ll find an abundance of free, stock photography and it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Struggling with the app? You’ll find plenty of How-To videos online. 

And finally, MailChimp

Email marketing is a powerful advertising tool that shouldn’t be neglected. And thankfully, tools such as MailChimp can simplify the process and help you reach your current and potential customers with new and exciting deals, products, and other services. Emails can help keep your clients connected with your products, so using MailChimp to simplify the process and to keep your mailing list fresh and engaged will give your business a boost it needs while you focus on other tasks.

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