Elementor Theme Builder Review

Elementor Theme Builder Review

What is elementor theme builder

Product:Elementor Theme Builder
Price:From $49 to $199
FREE Version:Available
Free trial:30-day money-back guarantee


Elementor allows one to create websites without having to use coded language.

It was launched in 2016 as a page builder in WordPress.org and through the years, Elementor has added features to its page builder plugin, thus increasing the functions.

In April 2018, Elementor added a revolutionary feature known as a Theme builder whose functions have been termed as a game-changer in creating websites through WordPress.

But, how good is the theme builder feature in Elementor?

In this Elementor theme builder review, I’ll walk you through the theme builder’s features while letting you understand its functions and benefits. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

What is The Elementor Theme Builder?

what is elementor theme builderThe Elementor theme builder is a drag and drop function in Elementor pro that allows you to customize elements in your WordPress theme pages.

You can also create new themes.

The idea behind the introduction and use of page builders in WordPress was to simplify how we create websites by availing means that does away with the coded language, which was the only alternative way to create a website.

Furthermore, by simplifying web creation, page builders enabled many people who are not tech-savvies to create websites without cracking their brains with some complex programming language and methods.

But there was a problem with all the page builders, Elementor included, you could not change the layout of the themes in WordPress without using guesswork or some coded language.

Again, you could not create dynamic content, like blog posts and product pages without coded language.

And the Elementor team worked for months to create a theme builder feature that enables you to do so.

What Can Elementor Theme Builder Do For You?

What can elementor theme builder do

Elementor Theme Builder allows you to easily customize individual elements in the layout of your WordPress themes such as the header, footer, archive page, and single post page.

The theme builder also enables you to create a framework using dynamic content that gets filled automatically with the content from your site.

Lastly, the theme builder also helps you condition the pages you want your created templates to appear on your web pages.

Top Elementor Theme Builder Features Reviewed

1. Elementor Easy to Create And CustomizeTemplates

elementor theme builder customize

Elementor gives you more control over designing your web pages by enabling you to customize every detail on your web page’s layout using the drag and functions of Elementor.

Here are the elements in your web page that you can create and customize on:

  • Header And Footer

With the theme builder capabilities, you can choose to import and change the header and footer of your existing WordPress theme to cut down on its monotony.

You can also decide to create a new header and footer on a clean slate, which you can then use for your web pages for an even more personal and unique look for your web pages.

  • Single Pages And Archive Pages

Single page templates are the design layouts that each of your blog posts takes upon posting, and an archive page is the layouts that outline the details of all the posts you’ve posted on your website.

The theme builder in Elementor pro enables you to import and customize on the single page template and archive pages for your blog posts or portfolio.

You can set up the page’s layout, the metadata, and the image sizes regarding the archive pages.

Upon the creation of your template, the theme builder also allows you to preview how an actual blog post would appear using one of your blog posts, and you can then edit accordingly.

  • WooCommerce Products

In the case that you have an online store, the theme builder, and the WooCommerce widgets in Elementor pro will enable you to create product pages for your online business.

2. Elementor Dynamic Content Feature

Elementor helps you create stunning static pages such as your home page or your contact page.

However, some pages’ information keeps changing, for instance, your blog pages.

The Elementor theme builder also comes with a dynamic content feature that allows you to create pages that need more than a static page outlook to its images, thus ensuring the text is relevant.

The dynamic content feature can draw the information from your website or the current pages where they are applied and display it.

3. Elementor Widgets And Templates

The theme builder in Elementor pro comes with a new variety of widgets that help create or customize page templates or blocks.

The theme builder also comes with readily-designed blocks and templates for your:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Page templates
  • Post
  • Archive pages
  • 404 pages
  • Sidebar

You can import all these pre-designed templates with a simple click and customize it to your liking.

4. Elementor Conditional Display

After creating a new element, the theme builder function in Elementor allows you to choose the pages you want your new templates to appear in.

For instance, when you create a new header for your WordPress theme, you can either let it appear on all the pages or choose a specific page or page on your website.

Elementor Theme Builder Pros & Cons


  • It allows you to create and customize every layout of your WordPress theme without knowing how to code.
  • It has an interface that is simple to comprehend – you can make a website even when you are not tech-savvy.
  • It is an affordable approach to creating unique, stylish web pages and still accomplishes its functions.
  • It allows visual editing and the creation of page templates using the drag and drop functions. Time-saving feature, which enables you to design your pages with precision.
  • Because it’s a function within the Elementor pro, you have access to the page templates and blocks that you can easily import and tweak a little to suit your design.
  • Availability of many easily accessible tutorials which you can use to understand how to use the theme builder.
  • It works well on most themes on WordPress.
  • It makes managing websites easy post the creation.


  • It comes at a relatively costly price if you are not a subscriber of the Elementor pro page builder.
  • The support of Elementor is often slow and unresponsive should you have queries on any of their features.
  • The features of the Elementor theme builder can only apply when you are building your site under WordPress.
  • The subscription fees to access the theme builder are due every year.

My Review of The Elementor Theme Builder Benefits & What Do I Like The Most About It

I love web designs that have an exclusive look.

And that’s what the theme builder in Elementor makes possible even without having the requisite technical know-how on web development.

I also love that the theme builder allows you to be in total control of your web design layout.

Furthermore, you get to decide the specific pages you would like to use the templates on your site.

Of course, that’s been possible due to the numerous tutorials on the Elementors website, online, and youtube that you can watch and learn how to use it. In the end, you’ll be able to cut down on costs that you would pay to a web developer.

Elementor Theme Builder Disadvantages & What I Don’t Like About It

The excellent functions of Elementor’s theme builder also have had its limitations.

And that’s been the fact that you can only use the WordPress editor while creating with your theme builder as opposed to using the Elementor’s editor.

My Elementor Theme Builder Pricing Review

elementor pro price

If you are not a subscriber to the Elementor pro page builder, you have three options of payment plans that you can choose from:

  • Personal plan at $49

It is the most affordable of the three programs.

It allows you also to enjoy all the benefits available in the Elementor page plugin, including the functions of the theme builder.

The license you get with this plan allows you to enjoy the theme builder’s benefits on a single site.

  • Plus plan at $99

With this plan, you also get to access all the benefits of Elementor pro, the theme builder included.

However, the license you get from this purchase allows you to use the functions of the theme builder in Elementor for the creation and customization of three separate websites.

  • Expert plan at $199

Though it is the highest payment plan, it allows you to access the theme builder’s functions and all the other benefits of the Elementor page builder for use in an unlimited number of sites.

All new subscriptions have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

And all the payment plans are yearly subscriptions that are renewable upon expiry at a discounted rate of 25%.

Elementor Theme Builder Review: Verdict

The page builders in WordPress meant to simplify web creation and put that ability in the hands of all of us.

And although Elementor started as just a page builder, it still performs brilliantly, it has evolved and continues to introduce features that improve on its page building functionality.

In particular, the theme builder was a landmark function that redefined how we create websites in WordPress.

To get started and make the most of the theme builder’s creative abilities, be keen to select a bare-bones theme.

As you’d have it, WordPress requires that you pick a theme for web creation even though you may want to do away with every layout detail in the theme.

Elementor greatly recommends the Hello theme as it is light-weight and has very little going on.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.

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