Elementor FREE vs PRO Pricing Plan Comparison

Elementor FREE vs PRO
Pricing Plan Comparison

elementor vs elementor pro comparison

Price:0$ to $199
Money Back:30-day money-back guarantee
FREE Plan:Available

Interesting to know what is the difference between Elementor free and pro versions?

Here’s what you need to know.

Elementor has two versions:

  • Free version that you don’t have to pay a dime to download and use on your WordPress website.
  • Pro version that comes with hundreds of additional features designed to take your website’s functionality to another level.

In this post, I’ll help you compare the FREE and PRO Elementor options, explore what you get with each of the two options, and understand which one would suit your needs.

To start us off, here is a table that shows the feature comparison you get with the free and the pro versions of Elementor.

Elementor FREE and PRO Pricing Plan Comparison Table

Drag and Drop Site BuilderYESYES
300+ Template and Block LibraryNOYES
Text EditorYESYES
Mobile EditingYESYES
Shape dividerYESYES
30+ Basic WidgetsYESYES
50+Advanced WidgetsNOYES
Export/Import TemplatesYESYES
Mouse and Motion EffectsNOYES
Access to pro updatesNOYES
24/7 premium supportNOYES
Scrolling EffectsNOYES
Animated HeadlinesNOYES
Popup builderNOYES
Call to Action WidgetNOYES
Sticky ElementsNOYES
Social Proof WidgetsNOYES
Elementor Canvas TemplateYESYES
Evergreen Countdown TemplateNOYES
Action linksNOYES
Theme Builder and all its featuresNOYES
Dynamic Content and all its featuresNOYES
eCommerce and all its featuresNOYES
Forms and all its featuresNOYES
Campaign MonitorNOYES
Adope TypekitNOYES

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Elementor FREE Plan

elementor free

The free version of Elementor puts a decent amount of tools in your hands that would be sufficient to help you put up a professionally looking website.

Among these are the drag and drop function and widgets that let you rearrange your theme’s layout, including adjusting the colors on your theme to suit your taste.

With the free version, you also get access to tools to create and load a logo for your website.

You get essential elements for site building such as:

  • Headings
  • Texts
  • Images
  • HTML

You also get free features that would otherwise require plugins at an extra cost in WordPress, such as:

  • Google maps
  • Image carousels
  • Buttons
  • Social media icons
  • Accordion tabs

You also get to add testimonials to your front page if you wish to customize your page buttons’ content and color, including adding clickable links to a page on your site or an external site page.

The lite version of Elementor also gives you access to the live front-end editing, and you can edit the pages of the site, including the images and content, with much ease.

The free version of Elementor is compatible with most of the themes in WordPress.

On top of that, you have access to an impressive number of stylish and professional-looking pre-designed free templates and blocks that you can import with a click of a button to improve the design of your web pages.

elementor free simple editing

This free version enables you to preview your website across different devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktop on top of all these excellent features.

And it allows you to edit the sizes of the images, the content, and the general layout that you’re comfortable with across the devices.

It also allows you to choose a fall back photo or content for videos that may not show on mobile devices, instead of your site visitors experiencing a blank screen.

The Elementor canvas free feature also allows you to clear all the contents on the theme page, including the header and the footer, and you can use this page for your landing page or a coming soon page for your website.

And while you are at creating your website, the Elementor’s free revision history feature allows you to work back and correct a wrong addition or inclusion you made that you are finding inappropriate.

Elementor PRO Plan

Surprisingly, the free version of Elementor offers many more features than the free page builder options you have on WordPress.

However, the Pro version of Elementor opens you up to many features that would take the functionality of your website to new levels.

Here are the capabilities only possible with Elementor Pro.

Customize On Every Layout of Your Theme

elementor pro theme builder

The theme builder that comes with the Elementor Pro gives you total control of every detail in your web pages’ layout and design.

And thus, you are not limited to the layouts in your WordPress theme of choice.

The theme builder allows you to do a total overhaul of your theme’s design or customize on individual elements such as the header, footer, single and archive pages for your blog page, and product pages and descriptions for your woo-commerce store.

The theme builder also allows you to specify the pages that you would want your customized or created templates to appear across your web pages for unique web design.

Extra Templates

elementor pro templates

The pro version of Elementor unlocks the use of all the stylish page templates and blocks Elementor has to offer, giving you more design options for your website.

You can also import and customize the templates for use as popups and flip boxes.

Extra Widgets

The premium version of Elementor makes you access more widgets that help you make more professional looking websites that offer better functionality.

Among these are:

  • WooCommerce widgets
  • Contact forms widgets
  • Media carousels
  • Animated headlines
  • Post widgets
  • Custom fonts

Form Creation And Integration

Forms are a great contact point between a site and its visitors.

Elementor Pro allows you to not only create and customize different types of forms but also enables you to integrate the forms with several external popular automation email services of your choice.

The Elementor Pro also allows you to include certain features to your forms such as reCAPTCHA or honey pot that help verify and limit the chances of hacking.

Improve Your Site’s Interaction Across Social Media Sites

Elementor Pro has share button widgets that allow you to add social media sharing buttons to your site, and your site visitors can share content from your page via the platforms.

Elementor pro also has specific Facebook widgets that allow you to embed Facebook more deeply with your site.

You can add Facebook like buttons, embed your Facebook page, and even particular comments.

Clock Widget

elementor countdown

A countdown clock is vital to create that necessary sense of urgency to site visitors on offers or psyche them up for an upcoming event.

The Elementor Pro has a countdown clock widget that gives you two options for counting downtime; to count downtime to a specific time or date and create an evergreen timer that begins to tick when the web page is loaded.

Dynamic Parameters

The dynamic request parameters in Elementor pro enable you to personalize messages on emails, opt-in forms, or landing pages with your site’s visitors’ names.

Which Elementor Plan Should You Choose?

elementor review

I want to stress that though the pro version of Elementor brings in new levels of functionality to a site, it’s not meant for everyone.

If all you need is an online presence, with a decent homepage, an about me/us page, services, and a contact page without tweaking much on the theme templates, then the free version is ideal.

But if you need more custom designed web pages, or you need to sell any products or services online, need to blog on your web pages, include marketing tools such as popups and flip boxes, or any automation services.

The Elementor Pro is the sure way to go.

And in case you are unsure what you want, it would be great if you start with the free version and exhaust all it has to offer first.

After that, if you feel limited and need to add more functions to your website, it may be time for you to consider going pro.

Elementor gives you three subscription options that you may choose from:

  • $49 for a 1 site
  • $99 for 3 sites
  • $199 for an unlimited number of sites

All three options give you access to all the remarkable features of the Elementor pro and are renewable every year.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.

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