Elementor Form Widget Review

Elementor Form Widget Review

elementor form widget

Product:Elementor Form Widget
Price:49$ to $199
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There are many ways to add forms to your webpage.

Elementor Form Widget is one of the most popularly used plugins.

In this Elementor Form Widget review, we will discuss the Form Widget’s features and analyze the benefits and drawbacks.

What Is The Elementor Form Widget?

elementor form widget features

Elementor Form Widget is an Elementor add-on which supplies you with a standard form.

The Elementor Form Widget also allows you to edit and customize it to your liking.

You end up with one that fits your form and is compatible with your general website design.

It’s part of the package deal when installing Elementor, which is easy to use.

All you will have to do is drag and drop the features when designing your website in the page builder.

The process is fast and easy for anyone to do it.

You don’t need to have any coding skills; no PHP, no CSS.

To access all the Elementor Form Widget features, you will need to get the paid Pro version.

What Can Elementor Form Widget Do For You?

Elementor Form Widget allows you to build high-quality contact forms in a fast way.

With improved form designs, the widget is one of a kind. Here’s what it can do for you.

1. Rich Customization Features

form widget total customization

It allows you to style your online contact form efficiently. You control all aspects of the design:

  • Spacing
  • Layout
  • Structure
  • Typography
  • Color for the fields
  • Background
  • Buttons

It allows you to match all the elements to your brand. You can make beautiful creations all in a few minutes.

2. Variety Of Fields For Data Collection

elementor form widget dedicated fields

The essence of contact forms is to collect data from your site users.

It gives you more than ten data field options that you can use to specify the type of information you wish to receive.

They comprise names, emails, phone numbers, text, URLs, and many more.

You can organize your data collection by only adding fields that you are interested in the viewers to fill.

3. Elementor Dynamic Fields

The form builder comes as a package with inbuilt fields that you can use.

It saves time to generate them manually.

All you have to do is click, and they appear automatically on your contact form.

Examples include File upload, Time field, Password Field, and Acceptance Field.

4. Engaging Multi-Step Forms

elementor form widget multi step forms

You can enhance the user experience for your users.

The form builder allows you to divide the forms into specific screens.

It engages the visitors and lets them fill the forms step by step.

For example, you can have the first screen in an order and billing form to be personal information, then the shopping cart details, and the payment information.

Top Elementor Form Widget Features Reviewed

With lots of fantastic features, it allows you to create versatile forms that improve your site visitors’ user experience while organizing work for you in terms of design development and data collection.

Elementor recently incorporated advanced features that set apart the form builder from others.

The improvements are part of the updates to the plugin.

The features revamp your form by adding functionality to most of the fields available.

Here are some of the top introduced features.

1. File Upload Field

Are you hiring staff?

You will need the candidates to submit their resumes and cover letters.

It is now possible through the file upload field.

It lets your site viewers upload files to your form directly.

It is flexible and allows you to customize it to suit your needs.

Maximum file size: You can limit the largeness of files that your website will receive. To restrict the document size you get is a form of data management to reduce the bulk of data you receive.

Multiple files: You can enable this to allow your user to upload many files simultaneously. It makes it faster to upload files to the user than uploading them one by one.

File types: You can set the file type the user can send. It protects the security of the form and ensures you receive the proper files from your visitors.

The file upload field has an inbuilt checker to validate all the files uploaded and ensure your website’s security is not compromised.

2. Date Fields

elementor form widget advanced from fields

Do you own a restaurant and offer online reservations?

The date field enables users to set dates in the form.

You can have the date range; minimum to maximum date so that the site users choose the right date within that time frame.

It will help you keep track of the reservations made and avoid overlapped booking cases by different users.

4. Acceptance Field

It is perhaps the most crucial field in any form.

You use this field to ensure your users accept the requirements you have set.

It can be your Terms of Conditions, acceptance to send them emails, or Terms of Use.

The field offers you security and protection from future disputes.

It might be in the form of a checkbox. When users click on the field, they show their approval of what you are offering.

5. Password Field

It is vital to create an aspect of security for your users against hackers.

It is where passwords come in.

The password field allows your clients to create passwords to use whenever they are accessing the form.

It also enables users to type the password without directly showing the characters when they fill the field.

6. Time Field

It is similar to the date field, only that instead of the date, it allows the user to set a specific time.

It is advisable to place the time and date fields together in one form to let the user set the preferred point in time.

Elementor Form Widget Pro & Cons

Elementor Form Widget Benefits – What Do I Like The Most?

With the widgets, the forms are more interactive and advantageous to use.

Here are some of the pros listed below.

  • More feedback collection

The features ensure that you build a beautiful easy-to-fill form. It is vital to make them attractive with well-shaped elements to engage the users.

The beauty and ease of use will capture your users’ attention and encourage them to give more feedback.

The more the comments, the more information you can analyze and improve your website or business.

  • Manageable forms

With the step by step feature, you can ensure that your users fill one screen before moving on to the next.

The multiple stages hold your users’ attention and keep them engaged to complete.

It will help you collect filled forms. The collected data ends up being substantial and organized.

  • Integration is seamless

elementor form widget integrations

It is revolutionary.

It allows you to design and manage your form visually.

There is no struggle with integrating your forms.

You can easily connect your contact forms to the backend CRM or marketing platforms with just a few clicks.

The entire process is simplified to take a few minutes.

  • No coding needed

You don’t need to learn to code in Html, PHP, and CSS to do it.

With the drag and drop features, you can smoothly build and integrate your contact forms within minutes.

Elementor Form Widget Disadvantages – What I Don’t Like

There are a few unpleasant experiences you may experience when using the Elementor Form Widget.

Listed below are some of the cons.

  • Upgrade issues

There are a few instances where the users couldn’t access the form widget.

It usually happens after you have upgraded the Elementor Builder.

It forces you to uninstall and reinstall the plugin again if need be or contact the developers.

You would benefit more if the builder could detect incompatibility and warn you to avoid getting the upgrade.

  • Low Speed

Some users complain about the speed of performance and efficiency of the widget.

It decreases when you use some of the advanced features or add too many features to your form.

It is advisable to create simple yet elegant ones to avoid this issue.

  • Cost

If you were previously using the free Elementor version, there is a limit to the features.

Therefore, you will have to spend money if you wish to use all features.

It can be quite discouraging, especially for new business owners trying to cut their capital costs.

Elementor Form Widget Pricing Review

With the Free Elementor plugin, you will not need to pay to use the free form widget.

You can perform a lot with it with the limited features available.

To access Elementor Form Widget advanced features, you need to have a Pro version. It will require you to pay an annual subscription fee.

elementor pro price

It has three types of subscription plans based on the number of sites you can create:

  • Personal plan at $49 per year for one website.
  • Plus account costs $99 per year for three websites.
  • Expert plan goes for $199 per year for 1000 websites.

If you are starting to learn to use the form widget, you can get the personal subscription plan since it is cheaper to use.

For your business, you can use the expert account.

Elementor Support Review

When using relatively new software, there are bound to be some bumps along the way.

In case of any issues with your form widget, whether technical or your inquiries, you can contact the Elementor support team through their website.

The group is always prepared to assist and receive feedback or issues.

They are active and will reply to you in no time. Giving your suggestions and lamentations will improve the system and even better features for creating forms.

For beginners, there are also many YouTube videos on the widget that can help you in installations and ‘How to’ videos that can help you learn.

Elementor Form Widget Review Verdict

There is no doubt that the Elementor Form Widget is the best.

Both the free and pro version comes with features advanced for developing high-quality forms for your WordPress website.

The widget stands its ground against most page builders.

With more and more updates coming up, the Form Widget’s potential only gets better.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.

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