Elementor For WooCommerce

Elementor For WooCommerce

elementor for woocommerce

Product:Elementor WooCommerce Widget
Price:49$ to $199
Money Back:30-day money back guarantee

Elementor Pro is a premium page builder that perfectly blends in with the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress to create an e-commerce store.

Elementor is a game-changer on how WooCommerce stores are created and managed.

The features in Elementor allow for easy creation of stylish single templates and product achieves that position WooCommerce store owners for better business.

Here is an overview of how Elementor can help you start, manage, and achieve more with your WooCommerce site.

Why WooCommerce Store Owners Should Use Elementor?

Elementor for WooCommerce Will Simplify Your Designing

The premium Elementor comes with a ton of features that makes the design of an online store load lighter.

Store owners can creatively create and customize as much as they can on their products and product descriptions.

Elementor for WooCommerce Will Cut Down Your Costs

For a long time, the creation and maintenance of an online store felt too complicated for a layman to get around.

Thus, most store owners had to involve web developers’ help to get things done, and that accrued in costs.

Elementor has an easy to understand visual interface that store owners can get around quickly, minimizing the costs of having to source for expertise.

It Integrates Seamlessly With WooCommerce Plugins In WordPress

In WordPress, the functions of a plugin are only useful if it can blend with WordPress and the other plugins for optimum results.

Elementor doesn’t fall short.

Its ability to integrate with WooCommerce plugins in WordPress is impressive, and store owners can make the most out of its functions.

why use elementor

How Elementor Can Help WooCommerce Store Owners?

elementor for woocommerceElementor enables specific capabilities for WooCommerce stores that, when seized, are very helpful for WooCommerce store owners.

Here is how Elementor can be beneficial to WooCommerce store owners.

Access To A Visual Drag And Drop Design

The Elementor WooCommerce builder allows you as a store owner to precisely design your site, meaning that what you create is precisely what your page viewers get to see.

In that way, you can experiment with different designs before settling on the most exceptional one that would make you achieve more with your site.

elementor add visuals

Manage Your Store No Knowledge of PHP Or Coding

Before the Elementor WooCommerce builder, to create a WooCommerce site in WordPress needed you to know PHP or coding.

The good news is, Elementor Pro allows WooCommerce store owners an option to bypass that route and create an online shop, design it, and manage it with less knowledge on technical terms.

Pre-designed Templates

The pre-designed single templates and product archives that come with Elementor help you as an online store owner as you can easily customize it to your liking.

And that means you can create your site in a shorter period.

Conditional Template Display

Elementor WooCommerce allows you to control where to use each template and product archive that you have created.

In that way, you can cut down on the monotony, and you get to build beautiful, more unique designs for your online store.

elementor conditional template display

Access to WooCommerce Widgets

Several widgets come with the Elementor e-commerce builder that helps you customize product details.

How to Use Elementor For WooCommerce

To get started with Elementor WooCommerce builder, you must first have set up and configured the basic stuff in your WooCommerce store.

This includes installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin from WordPress and familiarizing yourself with WooCommerce.

Design the Archive Pages

With the fundamentals of your WooCommerce store out of the way, you can now use Elementor to create the archive pages (pages that list your WooCommerce products). To get started:

  • Click on Templates -> Theme Builder -> Product archive -> Add new product archive button.
  • Tag a name on it and proceed.
  • You are then ushered into the Elementor design interface. You can import one of the pre-designed product archive templates or choose to create one from scratch using the visual drag and drop interface.
  • At this point again, you can use dedicated product archive widgets to make a list of your products or even the archive page title. Click the Publish button.
  • The publish button then ushers you to the next session to let you control how pages you want to have your product archive displayed.
  • Repeat the process for the single product pages to create all the elements of your online store.

Main Takeaway

Because an online store is an interface between the owner and the customer, the layout, and all the elements that would make it a success should be embraced.

And even though the yearly cost of the Elementor WooCommerce builder is $49 for a single site, the benefits it brings to your online store would surpass that amount in a short period.

Disclosure: I am an independent Elementor Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Elementor. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Elementor.

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