Content Marketing Basics That Can Increase Your Audience Engagement

Content modeling is an important method of marketing for any company that has the ambition to succeed. It’s a powerful approach to developing your company by reaching consumers in a personable way while promoting brand awareness and improving customer loyalty.

What Is Content Modeling?

A content model is a strategic outline that documents all types of marketing content relating to your brand or a given project. It also illustrates the relationships between each piece of content. It’s a logical structure for content that is used for online marketing. As explained by Contentful, “A solid content model is the foundation of every great digital project.” The information found in a content model includes blog posts, images, web pages, and PDFs. All of which are organized by an overall idea, platform, and type of content.

Benefits of Content Modeling

Understanding your brand’s audience will play a significant role in the level of customer engagement. Appealing to the wrong types of customers, their interests, or their beliefs can lead to useless spending on advertisements and low conversion rates for your company. Content modeling is used to create a specific guideline for how marketing content is published so that all information relates to one another in some designated way. It can inspire emotion, enhance customer loyalty, amplify awareness, and make your company more personable to increase conversion rates.

Inspire emotion and increase attention:

Top marketers understand that emotion is often linked to sales. If you use content marketing, you will have better chances of getting potential customers to feel a certain way towards a product or service you sell, increasing the possibility of them making a purchase.

Enhance customer loyalty and brand awareness:

The more people see and hear about your company, the greater the odds of them becoming a customer or client. If people are not aware that your company exists or that you’re running special deals, they will not have the opportunity to become a customer or engage your business. With content marketing consistently displaying relevant information to your customers, it’s easier to retain them and build your loyalty base while reaching new customers as well.

Make your company more personable:

Using content modeling to market your company gives people the ability to see an alternate side of your brand. Having a personable brand can put you in a position to better relate to your customers and their lifestyle. Resulting in a rise in sales and higher customer retainment.

Increase conversions:

Intelligent, well-thought-out content will display essential details that can attract customers and increase your conversion rates, resulting in more sales and potentially lower advertising expenses.

How To Get Started

Though content modeling is well-worth the endeavor, it can be a difficult task to manage and complete. The content model basics involve the organization of information and a plan for what you intend to get out of your content platforms.

Step 1: Identify the Ecosystem

To start creating a content model, you first need to identify all of the content that is currently on your website. You can discover every indexed page of your website and its content by searching on Google. (Replace yourwebsite with your actual website domain.) Another helpful way to locate every page of content is by using a website scraping tool. Once you have found every webpage you can move onto the next step.

Step 2: Organize the Ecosystem

Organize your content by type, platform, and idea. Your content model, based on your company needs, should reflect your project goals and future plans. For example, with website content modeling, some business owners may want the company home page to be viewed first, followed by a product page. Using content modeling, the business owner can choose what information is viewable by the public and where they want it displayed in search results.

Main Takeaways

A brand’s public image plays a crucial role in a company’s success. Content modeling can assist in the management of a brand’s public image by organizing and improving the information that is available to the public. Using content to market and reach customers can benefit your company by increasing conversion and expanding brand awareness. To start creating a content model, identify the content you want to manage based on your company’s needs. You’ll then be able to organize the content by type, idea, and platform that can be used to establish a detailed marketing plan.


Content is a vital part of a company’s online presence. Creating and organizing excellent content for your company is sure to improve your advertising efforts and reduce expenses.

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