7 Reasons Why Signage is Still Relevant

In a world that’s turning increasingly digital, many are quick to dismiss signage as an obsolete and ineffective marketing channel. That said, they’d be surprised to learn that traditional signage is now more relevant than ever. Seeing as brick-and-mortar and physical establishments still exist, putting up a custom sign outside your shop, restaurant, or any other business venue is a simple yet powerful way to promote your venture, expand your customer base, and enable your company or brand to thrive in the long run.

In the following guide, we explore the 7 main reasons why signage for businesses still matters today.

1. It’s Essential for Communication

One of the basic duties of a business or store owner is to inform people about the nature and services offered by their establishment. Evidently, it shouldn’t be a guessing game for bypassers, potential customers, or investors. As such, a physical sign is one of the most visible and effective forms of communication out there. Beyond the purely informational aspect, an outdoor sign can reflect the quality and attractiveness of your business, which is crucial to your brand’s image and exposure.

2. It’s Adaptable

The great thing about business signs is that they’re superbly adaptable. Aside from your main physical sign that will display your venue’s name, logo, and purpose, investing in the latest technologies with a digital signage platform will enable you to customize your marketing strategy and value proposition endlessly. Instead of spending money on printed signs and all the hassle that comes with it, dedicate screens that will display your identity, current promotions and offers, and more. With some specialized research, you’ll find just the right platform that will propel your business in the modern age.

3. It Grabs Immediate Attention

A personalized business sign is a surefire way to boost your curb appeal and grab people’s attention. Especially if your establishment is located on a busy street or near a famous landmark, your signage can make a world of difference to passersby, compel them to pay your establishment a visit, and remember your brand. To that end, opt for a sober, high-contrast sign with engaging colors to project a positive first impression and turn curious looks into visits, and visits into leads.

4. It Makes a Business Stand Out

Particularly if your establishment is surrounded by many direct competitors, having a sign that stands out from the crowd is of the essence. Remember that it only takes customers a few seconds to decide whether they’re interested in stepping foot inside; this narrow time frame can be all the difference between stagnation and growth for the business in question. So, selecting design signage with the maximum appeal will compel visitors to choose you over your competitors.

5. It Helps Build Brand Awareness

Flourishing brick-and-mortar shops need all the help they can get to promote their brand to the general public. With dedicated signage, business owners can significantly increase their brand awareness, recognition, and create a superb reputation for themselves. Studies have shown that branding efforts are a crucial determinant of a business’ success. Therefore, it’s only natural for physical establishments to promote themselves using customized signage. It’s always advised to work with a graphic designer and business contractor to make a genuine impact.

6. It Increases Your Sales Opportunities

Since perception and image mean everything for physical shops, it’s essential to give people a solid reason to visit your establishment. Signage fulfills this goal, i.e. attracting curious visitors. When time and effort are put into the store front’s appearance, this automatically projects authority, quality, and generates value for prospective clients. Coupled with a unique, distinguished branding strategy, a custom sign will do wonders to boost your quarterly sales figures. Even when punctual visits don’t turn into sales right away, they could mean more brand recognition and customers down the road.

7. It’s Cost-Effective

Lastly, but most importantly, one of the greatest attributes of traditional signage is that it’s relatively affordable as a channel for self-promotion and marketing. This owes to the fact that signs are often one-time purchases, meaning they’re permanent and don’t require any additional expenses (except minor ones for regular upkeep). Whether it’s for a café, a beauty store, a barber’s, or a new tech startup, signs are always a beneficial and necessary investment.


All in all, the relevance of signage still carries on until this day. While their designs may have evolved, they remain an essential tool for business promotion, building brand recognition, and customer acquisition. Digital marketing is the definite trend, but if your objective is long-term lead generation, few things will beat the safety and value of custom signage. In any case, be sure to conduct thorough research and partner up with qualified specialists to take your business to the next level.

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