6 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Online Merchandising

Worldwide online sales revenue hit a whopping $3.46 trillion in 2019. That’s a 20.7% increase in sales from the year before. Each year that number increases as more and more people take to cyber shopping.

Online stores that cash in on this huge market aren’t successful by mere luck. Just like any physical store, getting the customers to come into the store is only the first part. Convincing them to stay and the shop is where the real challenge is.

If you would like to optimize your online store presence and cash in on this huge market, continue reading. In this article, we’ll show you 6 easy ways to upgrade your online merchandising.

1. Online Merchandising Visuals

Having product photos is your way of showing to your customers how visually appealing your product can be. Displaying your products in a unique but professional way will make your site stand out from any other. 

Upgrade your product photos even more so by incorporating customer product photos on your page. New customers are more likely to trust and buy products that are shown with other previous customers

2. Show Off Your Most Trendy Collections

There’s a reason why brick and mortar shops dress up mannequins with their most stylish products. People don’t always know what they want because they don’t always know what looks good together. 

Show your customers your most trendy top sellers by displaying them together in collections. If customers see that two or more items go well together, they will be more likely to make multiple purchases at once.

3. Enrich Product Descriptions

Bullet listing the features of your product is an easy way to inform your customers. However, it won’t do much to inspire or capture their imagination.

Not only can you entice customers to buy your products with longer more imaginative descriptions, but you can also optimize your SEO ratings by plugging keywords relevant to your product.

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4. Optimize Your Search Feature

Having options when shopping is a good thing. Having so many options without any way to narrow down a product search will quickly terminate any online shopping experience.

Unless your store has an online virtual assistant, customers need a fast and easy way to search for what they are looking for. Having a search function with a merchandising feature will give ease to your customer’s shopping experience. 

5. Mobile Responsiveness

Over 44% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. It’s no wonder that the majority of online sales are made from a mobile phone. Make sure your online merchandise store has mobile features that are easy and fluid to the user.

Investing time and energy into your site’s mobile shopping experience will take your online presence to the next level.

6. Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process

It was estimated that over $4 trillion of online merchandise was left in shopping carts last year. If you want to successfully sell merchandise online, then you need to make the check out process quick and painless.

Not only should you make the checkout process cake, offer your customer as many payment options as possible—major credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay, Google Wallet, etc.

Upgrade Your Online Merchandising

If you implement these 6 easy ways to upgrade your online presence, your online store will see an increase in online sales. Feel free to read other blog articles from us to help with your online business.

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