5 Online Business Website Hacks – Simplest Ways to Increase Conversion & Sales

According to the statistics, the average conversion rate of an ecommerce website is more or less two percent. This means that if 100 people visit your website, only two will become your customers. And truth be told, this is actually a pretty good number, as many websites have a conversion rate that is below average and is less than one percent.

Consequently, one thousand people would have to visit such a website in order for the company that owns it to gain one customer. While those numbers do not sound optimistic, we have some good news! There are several ways in which an online business owner can increase their conversion rate and sales. Want to know what they are? If that is the case, then keep on reading!

Use Pop-ups and Notifications

Pop-ups and notifications are a great way to increase your conversion rate. They work because they literally force visitors to stop what they are doing and look at the information that you are presenting them with in order to close the pop-up.

Notifications work in a similar way. However, they are much less aggressive and in your face than pop-ups. Does that sound much more appealing to you? If that is the case, make sure to check out Notification Bar plugin.

There are two types of pop-ups and notifications that you can make use of. They can be either informational or contain discount codes. The second option is much more effective than the first one. That is especially the case if you want to increase conversion and sales.

Include a CTA

It is surprising how many websites do not contain calls to action, which are also known as CTAs. Your website is designed to make you money, and because of that, you need to make sure that there is at least one call to action somewhere.

Ideally, you should place it on every page. But if that is not something that you want, you can include CTAs only on the most important pages, such as the homepage.

It is not an idea that is hard to put into action. In fact, the best thing about CTAs is that you can place them anywhere – at the bottom of the page, in the middle, or even at its very top.

Moreover, you can use many different CTAs. For example, if you are running an affiliate program, you could use the ones mentioned below.

  • Join our affiliate program now!
  • Become a partner!
  • Learn more about the affiliate program!

Here is a more general example. If you are running an eCommerce website, you would probably want to include the CTAs related to buying stuff.

  • Add to cart!
  • Checkout now!
  • Buy now!

Without a CTA, you will not be able to utilize the full potential of the number of visitors that your website is getting. Taking this into account, you should make sure that there are a few calls to action on at least a few key pages. This way, you will be able to convert many more visitors into your customers.

Keep Your Content Fresh

This is something that people often forget about when running online businesses. It does not matter how well-designed your website is or how good the content of your website is if it is not fresh and up-to-date.

If someone visits your website and is only able to see content that was posted a few months ago or a few years ago, they might think that either your business is dead or it does not care about its customer base that much. Consequently, if you want to increase conversion and sales, you should make sure that the content that you post on your website is fresh.

Use Images and Videos Whenever Possible

Have you ever noticed that many online businesses use hundreds of images and videos on their websites? They do it because images and videos make their websites more appealing to potential customers in comparison to websites that do not contain any images or videos.

This makes sense. After all, we live in an age where visuals are everything and walls of text are simply not enough if you want to stand out from your competitors. This is why you should use many images and videos on your website instead of simply relying on text.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are essential for any business that wants to grow. Why? Because these platforms allow you to connect with thousands of people from all over the world and turn them into customers.

In order to use social media marketing platforms to your advantage, you should make sure that you post high-quality content regularly. On top of that, make sure that what you post is related to the products or the services that your business is offering.

Start Growing Your Business Today!

As you can see, there are many online business hacks out there that you can use to increase conversion and boost sales. For example, you can use images and videos whenever possible, as well as try your best to keep the content that you post on your website and your social media platforms fresh and relevant.

While it might seem like a hassle, it will help you connect with your customers and grow your business. You just have to start doing the things mentioned above, and soon enough, you will be able to see your conversion rate and sales increase!

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