5 Marketing Hacks that will Skyrocket Your Startup Growth

Launching a startup is a great success, but growing the venture is easier said than done! You need a strategy to grow your sales if you are to stay afloat and grow. Well, you need to find ways to reach out to your customers and convince them to buy your product. You also have to maintain your customer loyalty so that they can keep buying your product and services. This is where smart marketing comes in handy. Let us give you a few marketing hacks that will boost your startup growth.

Give attention to the niche market

Once you launch your product and service, you need to observe the customers who react most to your product and service, as that is now your target audience. After identifying the target audience, ensure that your focus is directed to them. Tailor your marketing language and marketing content based on the unique need that your product and service meet in your target audience. It is also good to ensure that you tune your language as per what you think your target audience is looking for. Convince your target audience that your goods and services will meet their needs in a way that no similar product and service can.

Make use of Connections

There aren’t many hacks that will boost your startup’s sales, like making use of existing connections. For example, encourage your customers to make referrals to a potential customer about your goods and services. One way you can achieve this is by rewarding customers who make referrals. Come up with a system that rewards a customer every time they make referrals to a potential customer. This will encourage them to make more referrals as the more referrals they make, the more reward they are rewarded. Further, make it easy for your target audience to share your product and service. For instance, you can create a link that redirects to your web pages. 

Use Entertainment marketing

Entertainment marketing is a smart strategy that infuses pop culture to drive the sales of products and services. Well, the experts in entertainment marketing target your audience through things that they are emotionally attached to, particularly those that are fun and enjoyable. Some of the entertainment marketing strategies you can use to grow your brand are celebrity endorsement, product placement, and event sponsorship, etc. Product placement involves putting a brand logo or product in an entertainment media.  According to research, 50% of the target audience will recall a product that they see on a scene background. Over 70% will remember a product if a character in a scene uses it.

Moreover, 80 % of the target audience will remember a product directly connected to the entertainment plot. The target audience is likely to buy a product that their favorite celebrity promotes or uses. This makes celebrity endorsement one of the most effective techniques in entertainment marketing. You can also sponsor events as a way of elevating your brand in the market. For example, you can gain visibility and raise awareness about your product and services by creating stands with your logo in the event. You can also distribute your product or offer services during such events.

The bottom line is that entertainment marketing is a hack that has been proven to work in increasing sales.

Take advantage of FOMO.

FOMO, otherwise known as the fear of missing out, is an excellent hack for marketing products and services. It creates urgency in customers to buy a product before the opportunity to slip through their fingers.

You can use FOMO by offering discounts to your products or services only for a limited period. During the discount time, customers will flow into your startup in fear of missing out on the discount. Ensure that your product is of high quality so that once the customer buys the product at a discount, they love it! Even when you are not offering a discount, the satisfied customers will go ahead and purchase your product or service.

Out-do your competitors

Always strategize on winning your customers from your direct competition. You can achieve this by offering a product or service that solves the customers’ needs in ways your rivals’ products or services do not.

For starters, carry out market research on your competitors and find out what your revivals customers complain about their product or service. Close this gap, and your competitors’ customers will come to you.  At the end of the day, they want products and services that meet their needs!

💡 Tip:

Always use digital marketing and tailored tech as a weapon to beat your competition.

Wrap up

It is time to put some of the hacks into action. Don’t shy off from experimenting and testing out new methods in marketing. Remember, that a good marketing strategy will propel your startup to the top of your niche.

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