5 Key Elements for A Winning Link Building Campaign

As of now, the digital marketing scenario has shown vast growth. There have been various modules through which you can expand your digital footprint. One of them is creating a link building campaign and doing that is no mean feat. There are some key elements that should be a part of a successful link building campaign and here we discuss 5 of them.

Analyse your resources

First and foremost find out whether you are in the capacity to run a link building campaign. It is when you have the required expertise-based team at hand that you can relax and hope for your campaign to be effective. Apart from that, you need money and time to be able to understand the scenario and get your plans on track. Link building services can help you figure out how to move ahead in that case.  SEOOutreachers team has the needed expertise to tackle the link building campaign of your brand and that too without much splurging of your resources.

Linking opportunities

Available link opportunities vary as per the industry. It is quite possible that in your industry the opportunities may be quite scattered. In that case, you would have to first find the different categories of links you can get associated with. Next, you will have to assess which link candidates are making sense to your business, you would not want to join hands with a competitor. Lastly, you need to figure out ways to reach out to these bloggers. Obviously, one tactic may not be workable for all so think of something unique.

Find out any link assets you have

You may already be having some links assets that are useful now. Link assets could be great content, a valuable employee, or any product that has been hugely successful. A content that is useful to your customers can be used to attract new people at any time. However, if you are thinking of making something as a link asset you must remember that it should be able to show your brand in a different context. Simple content with no USP of its own would not qualify for a link asset.

Business goals

For any link building campaign to be successful you must see that it aligns with the business goals you have set for yourself. This means that after completion of the campaign other business goals should also be achieved. For example, if you want to become the best fast food joint in New York you could request bloggers to review your joint. That way you get reviews and links and come closer to the objective you wanted to attain.

See the success parameters

In any link building campaign, you have to see what kind of parameters are working for you and what are just not worth it. There would be more visitors on a particular blog and almost negligible on another. Naturally, your future campaigns would want the investment to be more on the blog that delivers. You could also see if contests and coupon giveaways are working for you. If yes then make sure to add more of them in your marketing plan.


Using Link building for your brand building is a tactic that most businesses are attempting. If you are confused, you may contact SEOOutreachers. They will scrutinize your business goals and plan the campaign such that these goals are achievable. With vast experience behind them, they would be able to show you the correct strategies needed for making the campaign work. Once you are able to gauge the parameters that make things positive it goes without saying that results would not be far behind.

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