4 Ways to Increase Conversion in an Optical Store

Having a large number of potential buyers flood your optical store is not enough. You need to convert those potential buyers to actual buyers to make any sales and, consequently, profit. Luckily, each person that walks into your store has the potential to buy from you.

Find out the ways you can increase conversion in your optical store in this article.

Why is Increasing My Conversion Rate Important?

Regardless of its location (physical and virtual), every business requires increased foot traffic; however, not all customers that walk into your store end up making any purchase

Increasing your conversion rate is important because it lets you reduce your customer acquisition costs. You can achieve this by obtaining higher value from potential shoppers. By increasing your business’s conversion rate, you can increase your revenue, acquire other customers, and grow your business.

Why is My Conversion Rate Plummeting?

There could be several reasons why your site’s conversion rate is plummeting. A common reason is that your site made a bad impression on potential shoppers or they can’t find what they want on your site. You must troubleshoot your site to find out exactly what is responsible.

Some other reasons for the low conversion rate are:

  • Poor navigation – if your site has the required products and information users seek, but it is not easy to navigate, you will have many bounce rates. Your website must be designed to be user-friendly. Your shoppers can easily find what they seek.
  • Poor use of keywords and filters – it is crucial that all your Information and products are well presented with keywords. Keywords help make your products more visible. For help with relevant keywords, make use of the Google keyword feature.
  • Ill thought out products – the goal is not just to stock products but also to stock the right products. To do this, you need to analyze your customers, their shopping habits, and what they are more attracted to. You should stock products that appeal to your customer base.
  • Your site isn’t optimized for mobile users – most shoppers today access online stores with their phones. Consequently, your site must be mobile-friendly; it encourages shoppers to shop with you. If your site takes hours to load or has poor visual qualities, you may experience more shoppers leaving before making the Conversion.
  • Poor product image quality – running an optical store, you must take great pictures of your wares. These pictures are what attract shoppers. If the images displayed on the website

are blurry, you are less likely to attract conversions. Always avoid low quality, blurry, grainy images that make your products look bad.

How Can I Optimize My Conversion Rate?

Increasing the conversion rate requires resources and time. The key to increasing conversion rate is ensuring each customer has a memorable shopping experience. Once shoppers are satisfied, they leave room for you to get the most out of each customer that comes around.

1. Identify other underperforming areas

if you can increase the conversion rate of such sectors by even 20%, you are sure to experience increased cash flow. It is important to pinpoint areas where you have the highest number of visitors but low purchase rates. Such areas tell you some things could be improved on. You can do that easily with an Optical Store POS system.

For example, if you have more people flocking to the designer wear section but even fewer number purchasing items from that section, you need to make some changes.

2. Ensure your site is mobile friendly

Whether they came just to window shop or to buy from you, the buyers and potential shoppers must have a rewarding time at your store. The first step for this is ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

Optimize your business site. An optimized site is one that gives the shopper no problems. It is mobile friendly and easy to navigate. This entails boosting the loading speed of your site and using clear, sharp images.

3. Optimize your landing page

Each page on your website should be well thought out and attractive to shoppers. Optimizing each page makes it interesting to shop and boost your quality score. Remember to use the right keywords while placing your bid. Keywords are important for Conversion.

What are the Features of a Great Landing Page?

  • A great landing page must have an interesting headline that excites the shopper.
  • A good landing page should possess a clear content copy.
  • Have a call for action for all pages. The call for action nudges shoppers to carry on and purchase the items displayed. You must be careful to ensure your call to action is written easy to understand language and be clicked on.
  • Your landing page must be clear, uncluttered, and professional looking. Landing pages with overall attractive designs strike shoppers as trustworthy and encourage them to shop for your products.

4. Employ Content Marketing to Increase Conversion Rate

Content marketing is an important tool for increasing your conversion rates. Using content marketing, you can

  • Create a buyer’s guide. Most eyewear customers do not know how to select suitable eye wears. A customer guide can walk them through the process of selecting frames that suit their face and disorder. You can design your guide to work with the latest technology that helps shoppers see how the different frames would look on them.
  • You should display your products on your landing page. Each displayed item should come with a detailed description as well as pictures to help shippers decide.
  • Take note that your website has a search site – filters for the search could be frame sizes, lens options, price, color, and so much more. Use Google analytics to create filters that match keywords.

Other ways to improve conversion rates include

1. Simplifying your checkout options

Long, confusing check out options can frustrate your shoppers and make them abandon their purchases. Remember, to increase conversion rate; you must first improve customer experience.

2.  Stating your delivery options

You must communicate to your customers your delivery options and cist. This way, the shoppers don’t féel like it was sprung upon them. To avoid disappointments due to delivery,

  • Display price for delivery.
  • Time is taken for each delivery
  • Include a return policy for unsatisfactory products
  • For customers that reside outside your delivery zone, include a freight option.

Current trends have a huge impact on business. To grow a successful optical business, you must analyze trends and get ahead of them. Some of the current trends that help you increase your conversion rate and profit are listed below.

  • Customer Service – this is not exactly a trend, but the way most optical businesses have adopted it is something worth looking at. Extending your hours and days of service can be of major benefit to your business. Once customers know you are open most hours and permit walk-ins, they’d troop in, and you have a chance to convince them to buy.
  • Virtual try-on technology – this technology has become a trend.  It allows customers to see how frames would look on a 3D image of them. This app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. You can install it and have shoppers see how the different frames will sit on them.
  • Customized and DIY frames – these have become a trend. Shoppers can create models of how they want their frames to look like or customize them to stand out from the rest. Currently, more shoppers want to buy unique, customized items.

As an optical shop owner, you can advertise that you offer customization services for frame wares. The advertisement will serve to draw in more shoppers and customers.

What Are Conversion Wreckers?

Conversion wreckers are little things that affect your conversion rates. It would help if you avoided conversion killers at all costs. They may look small but hurt your business. Some things can translate into you not converting the customer’s interest in sales. This include:

  • Failing to design your website with a search option. The search option allows customers to find your products without wasting valuable time.
  • Cluttering the homepage with irrelevant forms and Information. Your home page should showcase your products.
  • Limit your number of call-to-action on each page. You must display your products beautifully online with the same carefulness you would employ for a physical store.


Your optical store must optimize conversion rates for you to stay in business. We have given four ways with which you can improve your conversion rate. Identify underperforming areas, ensure your site is mobile-friendly, optimize the landing pages, and employ content marketing. Read through this article for other tips on how to optimize your conversion rate.

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