3 Promotion Tips To Get More People To Your Webinar

When you have a high ticket item to sell then one of the most effective ways to generate leads and then sales for it is to use a webinar. People love information and especially when it is free. So running a free webinar will get the right people into your funnel.

However, it is not always easy to get those people to your webinar. Even if the product or service you are selling is right for them. There are some tricks to making sure that you get a bigger audience and, more importantly, that they are the right people for your offer.

If you have run a webinar before and didn’t see the kind of numbers you were hoping for then this article should help give you some ideas on how to go about it the next time.

1. Fine tune your PPC campaign

You may have to spend some money on ads if you plan to get the right people to your webinar. Now, if your product or service is high end and over a few hundred dollars to buy then spending the money is usually worth it. If it isn’t then skip this section as you don’t want to spend money to bring people to a webinar. In fact, a webinar is not a good idea for low ticket items.

You have to make sure that your ads are concise and people know exactly what they are signing up for to be effective. And you should be sending them to a very well designed landing page that converts well.

You should also know that if you are in a competitive space that you know what is click fraud. A highly competitive market will have your competitors clicking your ads to throw off your ad budget to lower your ROI so they can take advantage.

2. Have a very succinct message

Whether you are using PPC ads, social media ads, or even an email blast to your list, you have to make sure that your webinar is clearly definable. Have a very easy to digest topic that is very focused. For instance, if you are targeting real estate agents, then make sure you are letting them know exactly what the webinar is about.

An example would be how to sell real estate in a bad economy or something specific like that. It should let them know that they are about to get something actionable that is very helpful so they are more likely to sign up and show up.

3. Give a bonus

Make sure that every attendee is going to get something special when they sign up. And they should know exactly what it is before they sign up. It should be something useful that they actually need to make their life or work easier. It should be something that they don’t get until they attend, however. If it’s downloadable then this is ideal as it can be in their hands immediately so they aren’t waiting for something.

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